Fire Department

Frankfort’s 34-member fire department is responsible for providing coverage for the City of Frankfort, as well as Center, Jackson, Union and part of Washington Township and 94 square miles outside of the City limits in addition to having responsibility under mutual aid agreements with Michigan, Kirklin, Perry, Mulberry and Ross Townships. Since January 1 of this year, the Department became responsible for investigating fires for all of Clinton County, with an approximate population of 35,000 residents, more than doubling the coverage area.

Mission Statement

We, the Frankfort Fire Department are a team of professional firefighters dedicated to serving our community by protecting homes and families with pride, honor, and dignity.

Vision Statement

The Frankfort Fire Department’s vision is to be the best department in the State of Indiana. We want our community to expect and demand the best the Frankfort Fire Department has to offer thorough training, education, and serving our community