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What do I need to acquire service?
All customers are required to come into our office and fill out an application for service. Homeowners must provide proof of ownership (a warranty deed will suffice) and a picture ID (preferably a valid driver’s license.) Renters must provide a copy of their rent receipt or lease agreement, a picture ID and a corresponding utility deposit. Deposits vary. **BUSINESSES MUST FILL OUT OUR APPLICATION FOR SERVICE. DEPOSITS VARY. **
Are there fees to set services?
While there are no fees to turn on or set electric service for new residents, there are deposit fees required to start new services. Those deposit fees are as follows: $100 for electric with gas heat or $200 for all electric, $35 for water, and $65 for sewer. It is also free at this time to transfer electric services for existing customers. There are, however, reconnection fees for accounts turned off (disconnected) for nonpayment. Read further down the FAQ’s for electric and water reconnection fees. Any past due or final account balances under a customer’s name must be paid before service at a new place can be set in that customer’s name. A $15 water turn on fee is required at set – should service be currently off at an existing residence. This applies to new residents – and to existing residents wanting to transfer services. It is a $15 water turn on fee when water has been turned off and going back into that same name. For new construction residential homes – there is a $600 water tap fee plus a $825 capacity fee for services through 3/4"; and $325 sewage tap fee plus a $1,665 capacity fee. The capacity fees for both water and sewer are listed on this website (See the Water section - "Capacity Fees").
If I do pay a deposit – can I get it back?
Deposits can be refunded in one of two ways. Customers who remain on our service – and pay their bill on time for 12 consecutive months – will be refunded in full. Customers who terminate service with us will have their deposit applied to their “final” bill. Any additional monies left over will be mailed to their new mailing address.
Do you offer budget billing?
We do not offer budget billing. We are unable to because we bill for multiple utility services. You can however put yourself on a budget and pay more than what is owed on your account and let that credit roll over into the next billing cycle.
Can the due date be changed?
No. FMU bills our customers in routes. Due to software and time restrictions - along with expense issues - we are unable to send our meter readers throughout the city and county on specialty reads. Bulk readings are needed to not only bill timely – but to save money.
Results 1-5 of 5