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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Street Department

Street Department – (765) 659-2912

Frankfort’s Street Department is responsible for providing a safe transportation system, clean environment and improving the condition of the community’s alleyways. In addition, we are proud to provide the following menu of comprehensive services to enhance the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the City.

Washington Ave Project


Alley Maintenance

Frankfort Street Department continues to declare “war on alleys,” systematically grading every alleyway in the City. We always will contend with alley potholes. With our own grader, our plan now is being able to maintain our alleys on a regular basis, year-round. Everyone’s patience in this matter has been most appreciated. Our goal is to get all of our alleys looking good again and to keep them that way.

There are some things we can do together to help maintain our alleys:

  • avoid making sharp turns with your vehicle whenever possible. When turned sharply, front tires tend to dig into the alley surface. Gradual turns are the key to reducing potholes at your location.
  • reduce the speed at which you travel down an alley. The less stone moved the better.

Asphalt Repair

Street Department crews use asphalt as a key element to produce “hot mix,” for patching potholes. The City contracts out both the milling and the re-surfacing of our streets while addressing those streets in most need of repair with the available funds. Our goal is to be able to tackle one quadrant in the city at a time until all City streets are beautiful again. Notice a pothole? Call us at 659-2912 to report the location.

  • potholes filled as soon as possible, to avoid vehicle damage.
  • potholes filled to avoid further deterioration of street.
  • potholes filled year round.

Brush Pickup

We ask that all residential brush be stacked neatly near the curb and not in the street and also away from guide wires, trees and poles. Residents should call 659-2912 when they have a brush pile to be picked up. Professional tree trimmers will need to pay a fee in advance before the City can accept any limbs at our locked landfill. The Street Department’s goal is to avoid brush or limbs being brought directly to the Street Department in an effort to avoid handling the material twice.

  • stack neatly with limbs pointing all in same direction for ease of chipping machine.
  • never stack in street or near obstructions.
  • call 659-2912 for brush and limb pickup.
  • city pickup service not included for professional contractors.
  • do not bring brush to Street Department, if at all possible. Call if you have questions.

Leaf Collection

During the months of November and December, Street Department crews will be out collecting leaf piles from residents using our two vacuum trucks.  At other times of the year residents are welcome to bring leaves directly to the Street Department compost site at 905 Burlington Ave. providing they remove any plastic bags used to contain leaves. Please keep in mind that the City does not pick up grass clippings.

  • place leaves next to the curb and not in the street.
  • ensure no other yard waste is in the leaf piles, including sticks, trash, and grass clippings, which tend to clog vacuum trucks.
  • vacuum trucks must be able to reach leaf piles. Make sure no vehicles are in the way.
  • call the Street Department at 659-2912 to find out which day of the week your section of town is scheduled for leaf collection.
  • when mowing yard or business, City Ordinance requires no grass clippings to go out into the street. Grass clippings can clog drain grills and sewer lines.
  • grass clippings are never picked up and must be delivered to our compost site, free from any plastic bags.

The Street Department will accept residential grass clippings and leaves, provided the delivery is free of trash and delivered directly to the Street Department’s compost site at 905 Burlington Avenue.


Property owners are responsible for trees between their sidewalk and curb including those branches extending out to the centerline of the street.

  • trees are property owner’s responsibility
  • utilities involvement is when a power line is threatened
  • street department involvement is when trees block streets as a result of bad weather.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Program

Learn about this helpful program for our senior citizens and physically challenged residents.

Additional information regarding the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Program.

Salt Spreading

When weather conditions call for salting and snow plowing our city streets, we use 100% salt. We try and salt the intersections first and only after they have been plowed. We are unable to salt all city streets because of our salt budget. We do the best we can with the salt we have on hand.

  • 100% salt used
  • no sand used because it clogs drain lines
  • salting intersections #1 priority
  • we keep streets plowed regularly because our equipment can not push heavy snow amounts at one time.

Street Sweeping

In its mission to keep City streets clean, Street Department crews sweep as much as possible and often after midnight in order to do the best job possible. Parked cars often prohibit getting as close to the curbs as possible so we try to sweep those streets when they are clear of parked vehicles.

  • sweeping streets improves the look of our streets.
  • sweeping streets reduces the amount of debris entering drain lines.
  • alleys are not swept, only city streets and city parking lots.

Trash Collection

Residential Trash is collected once per week

  • seven trash bag limit per week per household with 40-pound individual bag weight maximum
  • drop off additional trash/recycling at the Street Department dumpster (905 Burlington Avenue)
  • trash cans/recycling containers should be at your curb by 7:00 a.m. to ensure pick up (no loose trash or construction materials accepted)

Residents whose trash is found blowing around the streets are at risk of receiving a citation from the Frankfort Police Department.

Trash not collected on City holidays

Trash will NOT be collected on the following five City holidays, with a double-pick up scheduled around these days:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Trash WILL BE collected on all other City holidays this year.

As a reminder, residents are asked to have their trash out by 7:00 a.m. the morning of collection in order to ensure their trash is picked up.

South side of West Clinton Street to south of the City limits
West side of South Jackson Street to west of the City limits

North side of West Clinton Street to north of the City limits
West side of Jackson Street to west of the City limits

(cardboard, plastic, metal, paper, glass)

South side of East Clinton Street to south of the City limits
East side of South Jackson Street to east of the City limits

North side of East Clinton Street to north of the City limits
East side of North Jackson Street to east of the City limits


In addition to curbside recycling every Wednesday for the entire community, residents can drop-off their recyclables at the Frankfort Street Department at 905 Burlington Avenue from 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. The Street Department is open on the first and third Saturdays of each month from 8:00 a.m. – noon to accept glass, plastic, cardboard, paper, metal, televisions, electronic equipment, paint, motor oil, trash, leaves, and grass clippings.

No brush or tree limbs, construction materials, tires or bulk items are accepted on Saturdays. Street Department staff cannot accept cash or checks for any materials on Saturdays.

Clinton County Wildcat Solid Waste District

Drop-off site at 905 Burlington Ave., Frankfort, IN 46041

Hours of operation:

Monday – Friday, 9AM – 3:30PM
1st Saturday of every month, 9-noon

Wild Cat Solid Waste District




Box Springs






Portable TV

Console TV

Big Screen TV



Cabinet Sink


S-10 Truck

Full Size Truck

















Brush Fee for Tree Trimmers




Drop Off









No Charge

No Charge

No Charge




Bulk Trash for Residents




Street Department Contacts


Jason Forsythe

Street Superintendent

(765) 659-2912

Street Department Location

Frankfort Street Department

Frankfort Street Department Blvd
Frankfort, IN 46041