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Fire Department


Frankfort Fire Department – (765) 654-4329

Frankfort’s 34-member fire department is responsible for providing coverage for the City of Frankfort, as well as Center, Jackson, Union and part of Washington Township and 94 square miles outside of the City limits in addition to having responsibility under mutual aid agreements with Michigan, Kirklin, Perry, Mulberry and Ross Townships. Since January 1 of this year, the Department became responsible for investigating fires for all of Clinton County, with an approximate population of 35,000 residents, more than doubling the coverage area.

Fire Department Services

  • Firefighting
  • Hazardous material response
  • Basic life support emergency medical service
  • Vehicle rescue (extrication)
  • Search and rescue
  • Educational programs

In case of an emergency, dial 911.

As Fire Chief, I am honored to lead our 34 firefighters/EMTs who proudly serve our community with a variety of services including, but not limited to, fire prevention and safety, fire suppression, basic life support and public education.

To better serve our growing community and Industrial Park, our dedicated firefighters continually strive to enhance their skills through ongoing education and training. Through this specialized training, they will become more efficient in our Department’s special operations teams such as Hazmat, Confined Space, Rope Rescue, Hi-Angle Rescue and the Multi-County District Four Task Force Team.

On behalf of the Frankfort Fire Department, I want to thank our community for its continued support of our efforts and achievements. Under the leadership of Mayor Sheets and myself, we will ensure our mission of providing for the safety and welfare of the public remains the Frankfort Fire Department’s top priority.

Please feel free to contact us at 654-4329 or stop by any of our three fire stations any time!

Fire Chief John Kirby

Frankfort Fire Department Headquarters

257 South Clay Street
Frankfort, IN 46041
(765) 654-4329

Administrative staff hours:
Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Engine Company 2

508 North Main Street
Frankfort, IN 46041
(765) 659-6783

Engine Company 3

1400 West Barner Street
Frankfort, IN 46041
(765) 654-6784

Fire Hazards


In a typical year, there are more fires on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year. Extreme dry summer heat makes the risk of fires that much greater. Flames can ignite and spread very quickly.

When discharging fireworks:

  • parents should exercise extra supervision over children
  • have water nearby to extinguish any smoldering residual effects
  • avoid using fireworks on a windy day
  • discharge fireworks in a clear, open area
  • never point fireworks toward houses, trees, shrubs, fields, animals, or people.

Space Heaters and Fireplaces

Make sure space heaters are at least three feet away from furniture, curtains or any combustibles.

Heating is the second leading cause of fire deaths in older adults. When buying a portable heater, look for one with an auto-off feature to prevent a problem, should the heater fall.

Never leave a portable space heater running unattended or in a room with young children.

Burn only dry, seasoned wood in fireplaces and have the unit inspected every year before using it.

Keep a screen in front of the fireplace to catch flying sparks and rolling logs.

Safer Seniors Program

Are you a Frankfort senior citizen 65 years or older or do you know one of our beloved residents who is?

If so, the Frankfort Fire and Police Departments have launched their Safer Seniors Program, designed to help Frankfort seniors remain independent and safe in their homes.

Additional information regarding the Safer Seniors Program.

Mission Statement

We, the Frankfort Fire Department are a team of professional firefighters dedicated to serving our community by protecting homes and families with pride, honor and dignity.

Vision Statement

The Frankfort Fire Department’s vision is to be the best department in the State of Indiana. We want our community to expect and demand the best the Frankfort Fire Department has to offer through training, education and serving our community.


Fire Chief John Kirby
Assistant Chief Ed Cripe
Battalion Chief Jamie Michael

Battalion Chief Jeff Cline

Battalion Chief Mike Henry
Captain Tony Snyder
Captain Matt Stidham
Captain Josh Uitts

Inp. Division Captain Kevin Catron

Inv. Division Captain Dustin Phillips

Training Division Captain Brad Pickard

Lieutenant Jeremy Warren
Lieutenant Greg Miller
Lieutenant Jason Cline

Lieutenant Scott Kimmel

Lieutenant Ryan Weaver

Lieutenant Aaron Harper

Lieutenant Craig Rutledge

Fire Inspector Jeff Wellman

Administrative Staff

Office Manager Karla Schwartz

Mechanic Jeff Dunk


Firefighter Jerry Lucas
Firefighter Jacob Fearnow
Firefighter Kevin Watkins
Firefighter Korben Shirar
Firefighter Mitch Laughner
Firefighter Scott Freeman
Firefighter Curtis Uitts
Firefighter Adam Hoke
Firefighter Toby Boyer
Firefighter Lance Miller
Firefighter David James
Firefighter Jeremy Ward
Firefighter Jeremy Payne
Firefighter Erin Kinslow
Firefighter Jeff Moore

Firefighter Blake Ayers

Firefighter Russell Sheets

Firefighter Trent Booth

Firefighter Enis Becirevic

Firefighter Dylan Henady

Fire Department Contacts


John Kirby

Fire Chief

(765) 654-4329

Ed Cripe

Assistant Chief

Fire Department Location

Fire Department Headquarters

201 S Clay St.
Frankfort, IN 46041