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Building Services

Planning & Development Office – (765) 654-5278

Through the collaborative efforts of the City and County Plan Commissions and the involvement of local service organizations, our mission is to improve the quality of life for all those living and working in Frankfort by improving ordinances and zoning regulations to clean up the community and attract more businesses and residents.

Frankfort has adopted MS4 regulations (EPA regulations regarding storm water), so if you have any questions regarding these regulations, please contact us at 765-654-5278.

ADA Accessibility

Frankfort City officials want to ensure our community is easily accessible to everyone and to comply with ADA Standards. Our ADA Transition Plan and ADA Title VI Program can be found under Departments and Services on the main page of the Building Services section.

ADA assessments are available for all our City departments by contacting the Department of Building Services at 765-654-5278.

ADA Transition Plan

View The 2018 Plan PDF

ADA Title VI Program

View The 2019 Program PDF

ADA Accomplishments

View The Accomplishments PDF

ADA Title VI Accomplishments

View The Accomplishments PDF

Building Permits

Responsible for plan review, building permits, sign permits, inspections and zoning issues, the Department of Building Services team is happy to provide assistance in clarifying various codes, construction and zoning requirements. Our staff also is responsible for the enforcement of codes on all new construction and property maintenance code violations such as rubbish, nuisances and any other property maintenance issues.

We are here to help! Given the nature of our services, we have a variety of forms available here to assist you with the permitting process and other procedures.

Sign Permit

Sign Permit Form

Property Complaint

Property Complaint Form

Certificate of Occupancy

Certificate of Occupancy Form

Electrical Permit

Electrical Permit Form

General Improvement

General Improvement Form

Property Maintenance Plan of Action Request

Action Request Form


  • windows and/or doors, when altering the size or shape
  • decks or ramps of any style or application
    • roofs including tear-off, new and reroofs (including felt paper, drip edge, flashing, vents and ridge materials) – this excludes minor repairs of 99 square feet or less, metal flashing of 12 linear feet or less and vent repairs
  • renovations(includes repairs and remodeling)
    • repairing existing plumbing 10 feet or more, installation of new plumbing, including drain, waste, vent piping systems and water supply systems. STATE LICENSE REQUIRED UNLESS THIS IS YOUR PRIMARY RESIDENCE.
    • electrical wiring: installation of new and addition to existing circuits, electrical equipment such as panels or disconnects – does not include replacement of switches, receptacles, light fixtures, and breakers
    • new electrical services, temporary or permanent
    • any structural renovation to any load-bearing or non-load bearing members
    • any repairs due to damage ( i.e. fire, water, collision, abuse)
  • storage barns and/or sheds
  • garages
  • carports
  • additions to any structure/building
  • new house
  • manufactured housing
  • mobile homes
  • fences (note: they cannot be placed on the property line, (but can be adjacent to the property line), must be on the property it serves and posts are to be placed to the inside)
  • demolition (includes all demolishing work, concrete, buildings, paved areas)
  • swimming pools, both above and in-ground
  • satellite dishes of more than four inches in diameter
  • driveways (may be placed upon property line) and includes hard surface, concrete or asphalt
  • sidewalks (public use installations)

All permits are issued at the discretion of the Building Services Office.

Single/duplex dwellings – including manufactured homes$200 plus $.02 per sq. ft. over 1,500 sq. ft. total floor area (+30 CO)
Multi-family dwellings$200 first dwelling unit
$100 each additional unit (+30 CO)
Mobile homes (in designated mobile home parks only)$50 (+30 CO)
Industrial – each structure and addition$1000 per building plus $.03 per sq. ft. total floor area (+50 CO)
Commercial – each structure and addition$300 per building plus $.03 per sq. ft. total floor area (+50 CO)
Contingent uses (See Appendix A, 7)$100 per building plus $.03 per sq. ft. total floor area (+35 CO)
Commercial renovations$150 per building plus $.02 per sq. ft. (+50 CO)
Minor commercial renovations$55 (+50 CO)
Communication/cell tower – Commercial only$1000
Remodeling, all repairs and renovations$60 (+25 CO)
Partial residential renovations$40 (+25 CO)
Minor residential renovations$30
Additions to existing structures including attached garages. Fee applies up to a total of three rooms. Greater improvements considered as (1) above (for residential dwellings)$55 per room (+30 CO)
Detached garages$55 (+25 CO)
Accessory items (no certificate of occupancy)
Storage buildings$25 not to exceed 200 sq. ft.
Decks, ramps, porches$35
Attached by roof$45
Electrical ONLY (service, panel board and circuit install/revisions)
Above ground swimming pool over 36” tall$30
In ground swimming pool$120
Demolition (structures only)
All structures under 200 sq. ft.$10
Parking lot commercial/industrial$200
Wind energy system$500
Sign Permits
Signs up to 32 sq. ft.$30 per face
Signs or billboards over 32 sq. ft.$2 per sq. ft. per face
Portable signs (residential)$7
Commercial and industrial$30
Application for Certificate of Occupancy
Commercial and industrial$50
Contingent/conditional use$35
Garage and remodeling$25
30-Day Electrical Safety Inspection
Each inspection and re-inspection$25

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Program

Learn about this helpful program for our senior citizens and physically challenged residents.

Additional information regarding the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Program.

For current building codes, please visit the Indiana Association of Building Officials Current Code list.

Building Services Contacts


Don Stock

Director of Planning and Development


Daniel Howe

Building Inspector


Building Services Location

Frankfort City Building “Old Stoney”

301 E. Clinton St.
Frankfort, IN 46041