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Mayor’s Office

Mayor’s Office – (765) 654-7332

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I am grateful to serve as mayor of the City of Frankfort and believe that the strength of our community lies in our ability to work together. Our strong community spirit and commitment to embracing the future will continue our tradition of enhancing quality of life and quality of place for everyone who calls Frankfort their home.

In my commitment to serving Frankfort, I am joined by the city council, board of works, and department heads. We work together to ensure efficiency, professionalism, and fiscal responsibility in our service to this community.

As mayor, I am dedicated to improving communications between city and county officials, business leaders, and industry leaders to enhance employment and business opportunities within our community.

I am proud to serve the citizens of Frankfort and welcome the opportunity to work together to strengthen and support our community.

Mayor Judy Sheets

About the Mayor

Judith Sheets was born and raised in Frankfort. She spent nearly 30 years working for the Frankfort Police Department before being elected Clerk-Treasurer for the City of Frankfort. She served in that capacity for 12 years before becoming mayor. Mayor Sheets has extensive experience in local policy and finance and began her first term as mayor in 2020. In her time as Mayor, she has worked hard to increase collaboration and partnerships with community leaders and residents.

Located on the first floor of Old Stoney, the Mayor’s Office is open from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Monday – Friday. Residents are welcome to stop by, but to ensure time with the Mayor, citizens should contact Tina Stock to schedule an appointment.

Neighborhood Revitalization: revitalizing Frankfort one block, one street, one house, one yard at a time

At the heart of any community are its neighborhoods. Each one has its own identity, needs and issues while being a part of the whole. Neighborhood revitalization includes both neighborhood and community-wide concepts, each designed to strengthen, beautify and improve the aesthetics, infrastructure and overall atmosphere of our City. Initiatives within this cornerstone range from the City’s Complete Streets program to recycling and Operation Spring Clean Up to educational programs about increasing property values to a renewed partnership between Frankfort’s Fire and Police Departments.

Economic Development: Frankfort is open for business

A community’s economic health is paramount to its continued survival and growth. Economic development is about nurturing existing corporate citizens – small and large – and attracting new businesses to the City. A comprehensive economic development plan will be the foundation upon which this cornerstone stands. In addition to the creation of an economic development plan, relationship building, job creation, City-County joint planning and code enforcement are part of this cornerstone that will help position Frankfort to become and remain competitive in the world marketplace.

Communications: a two-way street: listening, sharing

Sharing information, listening to feedback, implementing suggestions, and having a strategic communications plan as a guide are the elements that produce solid communications between the municipal government and the citizens served. With a dedicated commitment to communicating, education, and understanding of the City’s many initiatives can be achieved while misconceptions and even rumors can be minimized, leading to greater satisfaction among the citizenry and often, increased participation in events, programs, and services. A comprehensive communications plan, including all kinds of tools ranging from news releases to interviews to the Web site, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube broadcasts of city meetings, and outreach with community groups make up the activity within this cornerstone.

Citizen Voice: operating from the consent of the governed

Citizen voice is the driver behind City initiatives because done correctly, residents and visitors are the beneficiaries of municipal programs and services. Voices of the governed should and need to be heard. Those voices often are represented in the form of event volunteers, advisory board and committee members, and citizen leaders. This cornerstone puts citizens and their input and involvement at the forefront of the action.

Frankfort Downtown Revitalization Plan

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Mayor’s Office Contacts


Tina Stock

Administrative Assistant

(765) 654-7332

Judith Sheets


(765) 654-7332

Mayor’s Office Location

Frankfort City Building “Old Stoney”

301 E. Clinton St.
Frankfort, IN 46041