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City Government


Like every municipal government entity, Frankfort has three branches of government: executive (Mayor), legislative (City Council) and judicial (City Court).


Responsible for running the day-to-day business of the City as the head of the executive branch, Mayor Judith Sheets sets the tone and approach for the City’s operations. She works in tandem with the City Council, Board of Works and department heads regarding legislation, services, projects, events and budgets for every area of Frankfort’s municipal government. In addition, the Mayor promotes the economic health of the City via business retention and recruitment, including job creation. She works to enhance residential quality of life by promoting City beautification, community amenities, services and programs in which citizens can participate and benefit. The Mayor works with the department heads, Board of Works and City Council members on the annual budget, ensuring responsible stewardship of taxpayers’ dollars in maximizing City operations. She represents Frankfort on various boards and serves as the ambassador of the community to outside groups and the media. Taking office March 1, 2020, Mayor Sheets is committed to working together with the community and county to promote and maintain the stability and resilience of Frankfort.

Frankfort Mayor


In her first term in office, Clerk-Treasurer Carol Bartley and her staff are responsible for managing the revenue and cash flow of the City, issuing and repaying debt, interest rate risk and oversight of pension investment management. She typically advises the Mayor, City Council and Board of Works members on matters relating to municipal finance. Frankfort Clerk-Treasurer

City Council

As the legislative arm of Frankfort’s local government, the seven-member City Council is responsible for proposing and passing legislation (local ordinances) that govern City operations. The Council works in tandem with the Mayor in passing an annual budget. The Council may create standing citizen advisory boards, committees or commissions to aid Council members in conducting the public’s business. Five members of the Council represent districts throughout the City, while the remaining two members serve in at-large capacities. Frankfort City Council

Board of Works

Frankfort has a three-member Board of Works including the Mayor and two members appointed by the Mayor. As the chief administrative group for the City, the Board works with the Police, Fire, Streets, Parks and Building Services Departments in maintaining the overall operations of the City as well as being accountable for the financial operations under the Board’s authority. Frankfort Board of Works

City Attorney

Frankfort’s City Attorney Les Bergum is responsible for providing legal counsel to the Mayor and through the Mayor to all other various boards, commissions, departments, and the City Council. He prepares ordinances and resolutions (including representing the City in litigation and ordinance enforcement), reviews all City contracts and represents Frankfort before county, state, and federal governing bodies.

City Employees

The City of Frankfort Employee Handbook is available for download. The handbook was last updated on December 18, 2019.

Employee Handbook Alcohol and Drug Policy