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4/22/2020 City Plan Commission Regular Meeting Minutes

Regular Meeting
April 22, 2020


The Frankfort City Plan Commission met in a regular meeting on April 22, 2020, in the Council Chambers, 301 E Clinton Street, Frankfort, Indiana at 5:30 p.m. The meeting was also presented and attended via GoToMeeting.

President Richard Greeno called the meeting to order and led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance. Shan Sheridan offered a prayer. Upon roll call, the following members were present via GoToMeeting or in-person: Richard Greeno, Greg Patchett, Megan Sheets, Isac Chavez, Kevin Catron, Norm Gross, and Owen Matz. Also present: Susan Palmer, Secretary.

Minutes: The minutes for the February 19, 2020, Special Meeting were presented. Megan Sheets moved to accept the minutes as presented. Isac Chavez seconded the motion. Upon roll call vote, 7 “ayes” were recorded. Motion passed. Minutes approved.

Docket CPC 2020-01: President Greeno opened the Public Hearing for Wildcat Resources, LLC. BY, Steve Kuns, member. President Greeno stated that this meeting is to consider the application for the Provisional Plat of Southridge Addition Phase II. Greeno opened the floor for discussion.

Shan Sheridan and Stan Smith spoke on behalf of Clinton County Economic Advancement Foundation in support of the Southridge Phase II project and would help answer any questions..

Greeno called for any other comments, Tony Snyder, 1656 Broadmoor Ct., asked a question about the cost of the houses. Shan Sheridan confirmed that the cost would be approximately $170,000-$200,000 and that the houses would meet the covenant standards of that subdivision. Mr. Snyder expressed displeasure with the requirements of the subdivision covenants and homeowners association in the Southridge Subdivision that will add $25 per year to his drainage fees. This cost is associated with the new detention pond.

Richard Leland, 1636 Broadmoor Ct, expressed concern about the number of homes being planned in a subdivision with a single entrance and exit. He believes this will create a traffic risk. Mr. Leland spent several thousand dollars to landscape his backyard. He would like confirmation that lot 3, planned for behind his home, will not drain into his yard. Megan Sheets asked the developers to address Mr. Leland’s concerns. Kyle Betz with Fisher Engineering confirmed that the draining plan has been designed so that run-off water associated with Phase II will remain on Phase II and will not encroach on Phase I homes or land.

President Greeno asked if there were any public comments hearing none Greeno closed the discussion. The board took note that the hearing was published in the Frankfort Times on April 11, 2020 and all owners within 100 feet of the petition site were notified by certificate of mailing.

President Greeno called for a motion. Isac Chavez made a motion to approve the provisional and record plat for Southridge Phase II, Greg Patchett seconded the motion. Upon roll call vote, 7 “ayes” were recorded. Motion passed.

Adjournment: There being no further business to come before the Plan, Isac Chavez made a motion to adjourn, Norm Gross seconded.  Meeting adjourned.


Susan J. Palmer, Secretary

Plan Commission

Approved 1/27/2021