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11/24/2020 Historic Preservation Commission Meeting Minutes

Historic Preservation Commission
November 24, 2020


The Frankfort Historic Preservation Commission met at a regular meeting on November 24, 2020 at 5:30pm. The following action was taken: President Jason Wilhite was present and called the meeting to order. He led the Pledge of Allegiance. Upon roll call the following members were present: Crystal Reichert, Karen Walter and Bud McQuade. Not present: Tom Morrison. Staff members present Ashlee Bassett (secretary).

MINUTES: Minutes from the October 27, 2020 meeting were presented for review.  Karen Walter made a motion to approve minutes as presented. Bud McQuade seconded the motion. Upon roll call, four “ayes” were heard. Minutes approved.

NEW BUSINESS: Agenda Item No IV- 650 Harvard Terrace for Josh Swinford. Owners- Matt & Kristen Beardsley and contractor, Josh Swinford, are present. President Wilhite asked the applicant if they wanted to speak. Josh Swinford stated that the original carport footprint will not change, they’re just adding walls to it. Karen Walter asks if they have given any thought to the type of garage door they will be using. Josh Swinford states it will be white. Karen Walter presents the Clinton County Interim Report and reads the section about Harvard Terrace.  Karen also notes that 650 Harvard Terrace is a craftsman style home built in the 1920’s and that there has been an addition to the home which was nicely done and cohesive to the rest of the home. Karen asked that the board consider the historical relevancy to enclosing the carport walls. Karen believes that the presented design does not match the historical design of their home and notes that it may match better if a dormer were to be added. Matt Beardsley approached the board. Mr. Beardsley states that the COA had already been issued and included the garage remodel; he’s only asking the board for approval to enclose the carport. Karen Walter states that she feels the process was circumvented. President Wilhite states that the COA was already issued. Bud McQuade notes that he feels adding walls would change the scope of work. Josh Swinford states that the gable roof will look exactly like the house. Mr. Swinford also states that the windows that will be taken from the front of the garage will be reused in the remodel. Karen Walter states that she feels architectural elements are being compromised and that the design presented doesn’t mention any windows being replaced. Karen asks the owners to consider a craftsman or carriage style garage door with windows to balance out the windows that are being removed. Josh Swinford states that is up to his clients. Karen Walter states that the owners have a responsibility, since they live in the historic district, to maintain a certain visual appearance because of the historic elements originally present on the home. Bud McQuade asks owners if it would be possible to add a dormer to appease the aesthetic issue. Mr. McQuade also states that he feels as long as it’s done tastefully and matches what’s already there, it would meet historical standards. Bud McQuade states that the project presented to us today is enclosing the carport. Karen Walter states that since the structure is being changed from original design, she feels that the board can re-visit how it will look from the street in relation to what would have been there originally. Motion made by Bud McQuade to approve the project as presented- enclosing walls as requested since the structure itself has already been approved. President Wilhite seconded the motion. Upon roll call, two “ayes” (Jason Wilhite, Bud McQuade) and one “nay” (Karen Walter) heard. Crystal Reichert abstained from the vote citing Conflict of Interest. President Wilhite noted that he believes this to be a learning opportunity for the board. Karen Walter added that for the record a curb cut should not have been allowed on that side of the street.

OTHER BUSINESS: Agenda Item No III- 358 N Jackson St is not present so no action will be taken. Some discussion was heard regarding this project. President Wilhite states that fines may need to be imposed if the applicant is still not appearing at the meetings. Bud McQuade suggests a six-month timeline in which the murals should be covered or owner to appear at meeting. Karen Walter agrees. The board would like City attorney, Les Bergum, to write a letter discussing the fining process and deadline.

With no further business, President Wilhite adjourned the meeting.


Minute’s summary typed by Ashlee Bassett.


Respectfully submitted,

Ashlee Bassett

APPROVED 1/26/2021