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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

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Frankfort Police Join Relay to Enhance Communication between Police and Residents

Frankfort, IN.—January 12, 2021—Residents and visitors of Frankfort, Indiana will now have a new communication tool to report non-emergency incidents within the city.  By joining with Relay, users will be able to directly connect with police officers nearby, receive geographically-targeted broadcasts with pictures and public safety information, and even get status updates as first responders look into reported safety concerns.

The tool is not for emergencies.  Some of the calls to report would be: code enforcement violations, noise or animal complaints, theft from a house or vehicle and suspicious persons or vehicles. Citizens will be able to update the responding officer if a person or vehicle leaves the area, for example.  Another option is to submit drug tips to Frankfort Police.

“This is by no means a replacement for phone contact with Central Dispatch,” said Chief Scott Shoemaker. “Reporting non-emergency calls directly to the police department via the app allows dispatchers to focus on emergencies in the city.”

The Relay app is available for free in the app store or Google play, but not every law enforcement agency is linked up with it. If you are using the app outside of a connected department, then Relay will contact that police department for you when you make the report.

“Instead of mass broadcasts that do not affect the entire city, we can pinpoint where alerts need to be disseminated via Relay,” Shoemaker stated. “We want to reduce our reliance on social media to connect with our citizens.”

Frankfort residents are not required to make reports to Relay and can still call 765-654-4431 to report non-emergencies.  Central Dispatch will still maintain their Nixle Account and provide valuable alerts using that program.  However, FPD will no longer be receiving tips or reports via our former Nixle account.


Launched in late January of 2020, Relay believes in creating more positive interactions between first responders and the neighbors they serve, no matter their background. Relay works anywhere in the United States, and allows non-emergency reporting of safety concerns directly to nearby first responders, and allows direct communication between those first responders and their neighbors. Relay is currently working directly with agencies in 17 states and has already connected tens of thousands of neighbors with first responders across the country.