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Thursday, October 1, 2020

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City of Frankfort Street Projects Scheduled to Begin August 18

Frankfort, IN – The first of several road improvement projects in the city of Frankfort will begin next week. Four streets have been designated to receive a treatment called Reclamite ™. This penetrating maltene replacement technology process is designed to extend the life of newly constructed pavement, and for corrective maintenance on deteriorated pavements to preserve roads in their current condition, delaying deterioration and more costly treatments.

An applicator truck sprays the Reclamite ™ on the asphalt surface. The emulsion goes down pink and penetrates into the asphalt and changes color in about 15-30 minutes depending on temperature and other factors. A light coating of sand is then applied to absorb any material left-over and reduce tracking of the material. Although odorless, during the application process, pets and children should not be allowed on the street.

The Reclamite ™ project is scheduled for Tuesday, August 18, between 7 am and 5 pm. Streets impacted by this project include:

  • Maish Road from Wabash Street to Washington Avenue
  • Maiden Lane from Hoke Avenue to Williams Road
  • Main Street from Washington Street to Wesley Manor
  • Barner Street from Jackson Street to Morris Street

Door hangers will be used to notify any residents impacted by the rejuvenation work. Traffic and all parked vehicles must be off the scheduled roadway by 7:00 am. The roadway will be closed while the treatment is being applied. In the event of bad weather, the road treatment will be postponed until Wednesday, August 19.

Please contact Frankfort Street Department Superintendent Jason Forsythe at (765) 659-2912 with any questions regarding street repair projects.