Sunday, March 7, 2021

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City Council moves forward with annexation plans

Frankfort, IN — At the August 10 City Council meeting members voted to approve a resolution adopting a fiscal plan and definite policy for the annexation of property contiguous to the city of Frankfort.  The Council also approved the first reading of an ordinance annexing certain territory to the west of the current city limits. The proposed annexation is anticipated to take effect in March 2024.

The next step in the annexation process will include publishing a notice of public hearing. Information regarding the public hearing will be mailed to all landowners in the annexation territory and property owners who abut the annexation territory.  The anticipated date of the public hearing is October 26th.

By state statute, any property that is assessed as agricultural land is exempt from the city tax rate for as long as it is used for agricultural purposes. The zoning cannot change without the consent of the affected property owner.