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Saturday, August 8, 2020

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July 4 parking restrictions and traffic patterns at TPA Park

Frankfort, IN – Frankfort Police Department will be working diligently on July 4 to ensure the safety of all pedestrians and drivers watching the Jaycees fireworks display from TPA Park.

Locations marked “no parking” indicate areas at risk of flammable firework debris falling from the sky. Please obey these signs to avoid injury or damage to vehicles. Citations will be issued for violators parking in these areas.

Fireworks are scheduled to start at 10 PM. Due to the fireworks display, the back side of the golf course will be off-limits to pedestrian traffic. Officers will be posted at various intersections near the park to facilitate the flow of traffic out of the park following the fireworks display. Certain intersections will have traffic restrictions to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

Police Chief Scott Shoemaker asks residents to be patient when exiting the park saying, “While we will have officers working at intersections to keep traffic flowing it will still take time to empty the park. We ask everyone to watch out for pedestrian traffic and be patient as they leave TPA Park.”

Following the fireworks display, traffic on Burlington Ave will be directed south to County Road 100 where drivers will be able to proceed west or east on 100 N. Officers will also be stationed at State Rd 75 and 100 E/Maish Road to keep traffic flowing. Drivers will be able to turn north or south on State Rd 75 and 100 E/Maish Road.

As a reminder, individuals are not allowed to light fireworks in TPA Park or consume alcohol. If firefighters or police officers see anyone with fireworks or alcohol, these items can be confiscated.