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2/26/2020 Historic Preservation Commission Meeting Minutes

Historic Preservation Commission
May 26, 2020


The Frankfort Historic Preservation Commission met at a regularly scheduled meeting on May 26, 2020 at 5:30pm and the following action was taken:

President Jason Wilhite was present and called the meeting to order. He led the Pledge of Allegiance. The following members were present: Crystal Reichert. Not present: Stephanie Cooper, Bud McQuade and Tom Morrison. Staff members present Ashlee Bassett, Don Stock, and Daniel Howe.

MINUTES: No minutes presented as quorum was not met.


  • President Wilhite noted to Building Service Department that painting home/ roof replacement at same color would be considered building maintenance. If changing color of either, would need to come before Board. Board can only suggest colors.
    • Don Stock clarified that if they are changing roof color and it’s a color that has been pre-approved, we are okay to issue permit. President Wilhite agreed.
    • President Wilhite also noted that if re-siding home at same color & size, it is considered building maintenance. Vinyl siding would be permitted if it was vinyl before. If material is being changed, they would need to come before the Board.
  • President Wilhite mentioned that we have had a problem with people not realizing they reside in a Historic District. He recommended signage to be put up when entering/ exiting historic districts. He was quoted $8,000; will keep looking for cheaper options.
  • President Wilhite recommends that we hear present property owners and do a virtual vote if necessary, so they don’t have to come back for another meeting. With only two property owners present, only two properties will be discussed. The other properties will be tabled until we have quorum.

NEW BUSINESS: Agenda Item No III- 658 Harvard Terrace. Jamie Shelley is present to answer any questions on project. President Wilhite notes that he will recommend approval for pergola to Board, will call owner with decision once we have quorum.

NEW BUSINESS: Agenda Item No VIII- 700 E Wabash St. Christina Rallas available virtually to answer any questions. She states that they will be replacing privacy fence and extending to reach the shed. Fence will be typical dog ear fence, will be stained when appropriate. Existing fence will be torn down to make room for new fence. President Wilhite notes that he will recommend approval to Board, will call owner with decision once we have quorum.

With no further business, President Wilhite adjourned the meeting.




Minute’s summary typed by Ashlee Bassett.

Respectfully submitted,

Ashlee Bassett