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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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Frankfort City Council Votes to Study Potential State Road 28 West Annexation Project

Frankfort, IN – At its June 8 meeting, Frankfort City Council members approved the publication of notices regarding the potential annexation of portions of Center Township and Washington Township. City leaders believe this project will provide opportunities for economic growth. This annexation project, being referred to as the State Road 28 West Annexation, would begin with an outreach program including six public information meetings scheduled for July 2020.

During the next phase in this process, the city council will hold public hearings to discuss the annexation and answer questions from the community. Public meetings will be held at the following locations on the respective dates and times shown:

  • 7/14/2020        Frankfort Neighborhood Center         6 PM
  • 7/16/2020        Community Schools of Frankfort      10 AM
  • 7/20/2020        Frankfort Community Public Library 6 PM
  • 7/23/2020        Frankfort Neighborhood Center         10 AM
  • 7/28/2020        Frankfort Community Public Library 6 PM
  • 7/30/2020        Frankfort Municipal Utilities            10 AM

Notice of public meetings regarding the proposed annexation will be published in the Frankfort Times on June 12, 2020. Notices will also be mailed to each landowner within the annexation territory.