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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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3/9/2020 City Council Meeting Minutes

March 09, 2020

The Common Council met in a regular meeting on March 09, 2020, in the Council Chambers, 301 East Clinton Street, Frankfort, Indiana at 7:00 PM.

Mayor Judy Sheets called the meeting to order and led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance. Upon roll call, the following members were present:   Eric Woods, Clarence Warthan, Brandt Fuller, Steve Beardsley, Michael Brite, Megan Sheets, and Joe Palmer.  Also present: Wanda Mitchell, Interim Clerk-Treasurer and Les Bergum, City Attorney

MINUTES:   The minutes for the February 24, 2020, regular meeting were presented.  Megan Sheets made a motion to approve the minutes for the February 24, 2020 council meeting.   Clarence Warthan seconded the motion.  Upon roll call vote six “ayes” were recorded and one abstention by Joe Palmer.  Motion passed.  Clarence Warthan motioned to accept the minutes from the Special Council meeting on February 27, 2020. Eric Woods seconded.  Motion passed 6-0, with one abstention by Joe Palmer.

PUBLIC COMMENTS:    There were no public comments.

ORDINANCE 20-02:   AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 19-14 SETTING SALARIES AND HOURLY WAGES FOR EMPLOYEES OF THE CIVIL CITY OF FRANKFORT, INDIANA. Megan Sheets made a motion to amend the ordinance to make Wanda Mitchell’s salary retro-active due to performing the Clerk-Treasurer duties since March 02, 2020. Eric Woods seconded.  Motion to amend passed 7-0.  Eric Woods then motioned to pass Ordinance 20-02 as amended and Joe Palmer seconded.  Motion passed 7-0.

ORDINANCE 20-03:    AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR PARKS AND OTHER RECREATIONAL AREAS IN THE CITY OF FRANKFORT, INDIANA. Some discussion regarding adding the alcohol policy to this ordinance took place, however, everyone agreed it was comprehensive and inclusive enough as written.  Clarence Warthan motioned to pass 20-03 on second reading. Brandt Fuller seconded.  Motion passed 7-0.

ORDINANCE 20-04:    AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 19-14 SETTING SALARIES AND HOURLY WAGES FOR EMPLOYEES OF THE CIVIL CITY OF FRANKFORT, INDIANA. City Attorney Les Bergum explained that actually according to Indiana Code 36-4-7-3 only the Mayor has the authority to increase or decrease the salary.  The Common Council can give a recommendation to the Mayor by resolution if it so chooses however it is only a recommendation.  No executive order had been signed by the previous Mayor to officially increase the Parks Superintendents salary and therefore it will remain the same until a review period determined by Mayor Sheets has been decided.

Ordinance 20-04 died.

ORDINANCE 20-05:   AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING A PROGRAM FOR PROTECTING THE PUBLIC WATER SYSTEM FROM CONTAMINATION DUE TO BACKFLOW OF CONTAMINANTS.  Joe Palmer motioned to suspend the rules to pass 20-05 on 2nd and 3rd reading. Steve Beardsley seconded.  Motion passed 7-0    Joe Palmer motioned to pass Ordinance on 2nd and 3rd reading. Clarence Warthan seconded.  Motion passed 7-0.

ORDINANCE 20-06:   AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. CO-75-10 REGARDING UTILITY SERVICE BOARD.  Clarence Warthan motioned to pass Ordinance 20-06 on 2nd reading.  Megan Sheets seconded.  Motion passed 7-0.

OLD BUSINESS:    Joe Palmer and Brandt Fuller (Pool Committee) talked about eliminating the blacktop and the Concession Stand to reduce costs. There is a possibility of a $250,000.00 grant match for the pool.

Update on the Frankfort Police & Fire Building- Eric Woods shared conversation regarding revisiting locations for the station.  Currently, it looks like a dual Police and Fire Public Safety Building would come with some real challenges and at a very high cost.  The thought is to maybe delay the project a little longer to make certain we get it right.  These decisions are for the next 50+ years and need to be made wisely for the future.

NEW BUSINESS:  There was discussion initiated by Eric Woods about moving the work session to the 1st of April so everyone would be in attendance.  There was a consensus this would work.    Mike Brite wanted to bring up the former Parks Superintendent’s contract for discussion.  He stated he did not agree with it and felt there is lots of concern and outrage on social media against the contract. Megan Sheets stated Travis will be here on March 20, 2020, for a meeting and they hope to obtain in-depth details regarding all the details within the contract.  No decision will be made prior to the meeting per Mayor Sheets.

ADJOURNMENT:   There being no further business to come before the Council, Joe Palmer motioned to adjourn and Clarence Warthan seconded.  Mayor Sheets adjourned the meeting.