Information regarding Annexation/Public Meetings Close
Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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Mayoral Statement on COVID-19 crisis

The City of Frankfort is working diligently with Clinton County officials, our health care partners, and first responders to protect public health and safety as the coronavirus spreads. We are working together to lower the risk of transmission and infection and reduce the impact on our community.

City officials and departments are closely following updates and guidance from federal and state officials concerning COVID-19. Please do your part by following the guidelines established by the CDC and state and local health departments. The more we follow the advice of these officials, the more we will slow the spread of this virus and make it possible for our health system to manage and control the epidemic.

Please do what you can to help our local small businesses. Many are offering gift certificates, online sales, take-out options, and delivery services. Please take advantage of these alternate ways to support our local small businesses if you can.

I understand the frequently changing decisions made at all levels of government to protect us can be confusing and stressful. The COVID-19 crisis requires flexibility and thorough, accurate information. We continue to update our website and social media daily to ensure we are providing you with verified, reliable information.

Plans are in place to conduct City Council, Board of Works, and other important meetings electronically. It’s important to me that the business of the City continues, and we set an example for how to carry on in these tough times.

The health and safety of all members of our community remain our priorities as we continue to develop and update plans to protect and support our citizens, our employees, and to ensure that regular city operations and services continue without interruption. In these unprecedented and uncertain times, remember that we are a community of prayer and resilience. We will get through this challenge by helping one another and by doing what is best for all concerned.


Mayor Judith Sheets