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9/11/2019 Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting Minutes

Board of Zoning Appeals
September 11, 2019


The Frankfort City Board of Zoning Appeals met at a Regular scheduled meeting on September 11, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. and the following action was taken:

President Kevin Myers was present and called meeting to order. Upon roll call, the following members were present: Richard Greeno, Don Gilmore and Kevin Myers. Those absent: Lewis Wheeler and David Hussey. Staff members present Sam Payne, Zoning Administrator.

PUBLIC HEARING: President Myers opened the public hearing for Rodney Taylor and called on the petitioner to address the board. Mr. Taylor introduced himself and stated that he is the owner of 1559 Short Oak Street and is petitioning the board for a use variance. He explained he has a 2880 square foot pole type building and due to his line of work as a business owner, his intent is to use 1200 square feet as his own personal living space and the remaining space for his business. He stated he was told by Mr. Payne, Building Inspector that the property is zoned Open Industrial and allows for a business use, however a dwelling unit is not allowed in Open Industrial and would require a Use Variance. Mr. Taylor added he had spoken to the neighbors and they said they didn’t have a problem with what he is doing. Myers thanked Mr. Taylor and called for any public comments or concerns. It was noted that two neighbors were present to support the variance. Hearing no other questions or comments, Myers closed the public hearing and called for board questions or comments, hearing none, Myers continued with the Staff Report, prepared by Sam Payne, Zoning Administrator, and the finding of the facts. The board took notice that a quorum existed, the public hearing was advertised in the Frankfort Times on August 29, 2019, emailed to WILO radio and the property owners within 100 feet were sent notice of hearing by Certified Mailings.

Myers called for a motion. Don Gilmore made a motion to approve Taylor’s petition adopting the staff report findings.  Richard Greeno seconded the motion. Upon roll call vote, three “ayes” were recorded.

OTHER BUSINESS- As there was no further business to come before the board, Unanimous voice vote, meeting adjourned.

Sam Payne
Board of Zoning Appeals