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Friday, April 10, 2020

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1/27/2020 City Council Meeting Minutes

January 27, 2020


The Common Council met in a regular meeting on January 27, 2020, in the Council Chambers, 301 East Clinton Street, Frankfort, Indiana at 7:00 PM.

Mayor Chris McBarnes called the meeting to order and led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Michael Brite then prayed. Upon roll call, the following members were present:   Eric Woods, Clarence Warthan, Brandt Fuller, Steve Beardsley, Michael Brite, Megan Sheets, and Joe Palmer.  Also present: Judith Sheets, Clerk-Treasurer and Les Bergum, City Attorney.

MINUTES:   The minutes for the January 13, 2020, regular meeting were presented.  Clarence Warthan made a motion to approve the minutes for the January 13, 2020 council meeting.   Megan Sheets seconded the motion.  Upon roll call vote seven “ayes” were recorded.  Motion passed.

PUBLIC COMMENTS:    Chad Kozuch talked about his concerns with the downtown parking changes.  Chief Troy Bacon explained the parking changes and how it would work.   Mayor McBarnes stated that the Council would be talking about downtown parking in the Work Session.

RESOLUTION 20-01:    DECLARATORY RESOLUTION DESIGNATING AN ECONOMIC REVITALIZATION AREA.  Jay Moore who represents Hometown Cottages of Frankfort, LLC explained how tax abatements work.  Jay stated that Hometown Cottages of Frankfort will expand the water, sewer, and streets.  Jay stated that this will be a 6 million dollar investment with 58 units and that they would like to break ground on March 15th.   Mayor McBarnes stated that this is a two step process and that tonight will be the declaratory resolution and then there will be a public hearing with the confirming resolution.  There was discussion by the Council.  Eric Woods stated that the Finance Committee had met with Jay and gave a favorable recommendation.  Eric Woods made a motion to pass Resolution 20-01.   Steve Beardsley seconded the motion.  Upon roll call vote seven “ayes” were recorded.  Resolution 20-01 passed.  Jay Moore stated that the Confirming Resolution will be brought to the council on February 24th.

OLD BUSINESS:     Eric Woods stated that he had sent out an email to the Council after the Not for Profit funding committee met.   Eric stated that there is $30,000 funded but the requests were for more than that.  Eric stated that the unanimous recommendation of the committee is as follows:   Clinton County Boys & Girls Club – $14,343.75, Healthy Communities of Clinton County – $8,000, Paul Phillippe Human Resource Center – $7,656.25.  Megan Sheets stated that they would like to revamp this for next year and that they would focus on programs.  Discussion followed.  Clarence Warthan made a motion to approve the committee recommendation for the Not for Profit funding.  Steve Beardsley seconded the motion.   Upon roll call vote six “ayes” – Megan Sheets, Brandt Fuller, Joe Palmer, Clarence Warthan, Steve Beardsley, Eric Woods, and one “abstain” – Mike Brite.  Motion passed.

NEW BUSINESS:   Nothing reported.

ADJOURNMENT:   There being no further business to come before the Council, Mayor McBarnes adjourned the meeting.