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Monday, July 13, 2020

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1/08/2020 Board of Works Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2020

The Board of Public Works and Safety met in a regular meeting on Wednesday, January 8, 2020, at 2:00 PM in the Council Chamber, 301 East Clinton Street, Frankfort, Indiana.  The following action was taken:

Mayor McBarnes called the meeting to order and led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Mayor McBarnes then prayed. Mayor McBarnes, Ken Estes, Jim Siegfried, Troy Bacon, Sam Payne, Jason Forsythe, Annie Bacon, John Kirby, and Barb Conner were present. Judy Sheets was absent.

MINUTES:  The minutes of the December 18 and December 27, 2019 meetings were presented.  Jim Siegfried made the motion to approve the minutes for December 18 and December 27, 2019.  Ken Estes seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0.


COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR:  Annie Bacon, reported on 2019 Communication Statistics for the city. The message center implemented in 2019 received 178 calls and emails and provides a valuable service to Frankfort residents. City social media accounts are reaching more people. In 2019 there was a 72% increase in Facebook interactions with the community. The city now shares information via Twitter and Instagram as well.

A planning meeting was held in December with Ellipsis Partners regarding the proposed development they have planned to build on Wabash St behind Witham Health Services. They will be starting construction in March on a new apartment complex called Hometown Cottages which will have 7 single-story buildings with a total of 58 apartment units.

Annie Bacon said that she met with the Parks Dept. in December to review shelter fees. Current cost for shelter rental is $30, $55, and $90 depending on the size of shelter rented. The last time rates were reviewed was 2015. The Parks Dept. recommends increasing the cost to $40, $60, and $100. Mayor McBarnes asked Les if the Board of Works can approve the increase or if it needs to go to the Council. Les confirmed that it is appropriate for the Board of Works to make this decision. Ken Estes made a motion to approve the shelter fee increase. Jim Siegfried seconded the motion. Motion passed 3-0.

January is National Mentoring Month. COACH Kids requested to hold a mentor fair at Old Stoney on Friday, January 17 from 4pm-5:30pm with Clinton County YMCA and Clinton County Boys & Girls Club. Annie Bacon asked for approval to host the mentor fair at Old Stoney and waive fees. Jim Siegfried made a motion to allow the mentor fair to be held at Old Stoney and waive the fees since this event is being hosted by a non-profit. Ken Estes seconded the motion. Motion passed 3-0.

Mayor McBarnes remarked that Community Development is crucial for the city to grow and thanked Annie Bacon for her work on communication and city development.

POLICE DEPARTMENT:  Troy Bacon, Police Chief, reported on 2019 crime statistics. In 2019 officers responded to and provided 11,604 police services. In 2019 there was a 9% decrease in overall reported crimes as compared to 2018. There was a 13% decrease in burglary and an 18% decrease in theft. Overall, adult drug violation arrests remain statistically the same as 2018. Drug arrests make up 30% of all arrests. In 2019, there were 207 persons arrested for drug-related offenses and 79 arrests for DUI.

The Frankfort Police Department Code Enforcement Division responded to and handled 1,614 city ordinance problems. They issued 1,299 warnings and 563 tickets for city ordinance violations in 2019.

Chief Bacon reported that there is an addendum to the service contract with KJG resulting in an additional $19,600 cost due to requested changes to the architectural design. The cost would be paid out of LIT. Ken Estes made a motion to approve the contract addendum. Jim Siegfried seconded the motion. Motion passed 3-0.

Chief Bacon reported that they have a computer server that needs to be replaced. Quote received from Netwise to get a new unit, software and installation is $4,156.28. $5,000 has been budgeted in LIT for this expense. Jim Siegfried made a motion to approve the purchase of a new server. Ken Estes seconded the motion. Motion passed 3-0.

Chief Bacon reported that January 9 is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

FIRE DEPARTMENT:   John Kirby, Fire Chief, thanked Todd Corrie, and the Frankfort Utilities for allowing the Fire Dept. to take Engine 2 out to City Light and Power to make repairs in their garage.

Chief Kirby reported that Center Township Trustee opened truck bids for the new fire truck they are purchasing for the Fire Dept. Global won the bid. The new pumper truck should arrive in November and will be at Station 3.

Chief Kirby would like to purchase two 2020 Dodge Durango command administrative vehicles. This was budgeted in the 2020 Capital Improvement Plan through Public Safety LIT. Champion Automotive had the low bid at $28,162 per vehicle. The Fire Department will transfer one of the old vehicles to Code Enforcement at Frankfort Police Dept. Ken Estes made a motion to approve the purchase of two vehicles from Champion Automotive. Jim Siegfried seconded the motion. Motion passed 3-0.

STREET DEPARTMENT: Jason Forsythe, Street Superintendent, reported on updated recycling numbers. In 2018 we had 1,319,882 lbs. of recycling. In 2019 we are at 1,009,195 lbs., this does not include the numbers for December, 2019. The city is back to weekly recycling collection.

Jason Forsythe gave an update on the Community Crossing grant, he is waiting on engineers report and has completed all that he can at this point.

The Chris Herren visit is being coordinated with Frankfort High School. Jason Forsythe is waiting on Michael Taylor to get back with him to make sure we can meet the technology (sound and video) requirements. He would like to have some VIP’s such as City Council and Board of Works attend the Chris Herren presentation as well. Mayor McBarnes invited Jason to speak at the next City Council meeting.

PARKS DEPARTMENT: Jason Forsythe reported on the Parks Christmas Lights donations for 2019. $35,982.19 was collected during the Festival of Lights. Mayor McBarnes asked how that compared to previous years. City Council member Joe Palmer remarked that this amount is higher than last year. Jason Forsythe noted that park employees did a tremendous job getting the park ready for this festival. He also confirmed that the temporary security employees can continue working through January until all the lights are taken down.

The Third Street park restroom bids have been reviewed. Larry Perlee had the low bid. The Board of Works will need to complete the method of payment section and sign the contract. Mayor McBarnes confirmed with Les that he can sign the contract and work out the payment section with Travis Sheets. Ken Estes made a motion to approve the contract for the Third Street Park restroom. Jim Siegfried seconded the motion. Motion passed 3-0.

BUILDING INSPECTOR:  Building Inspector Sam Payne reported on the building permits for 2019. In 2019, 752 building permits were issued. This is an increase of 225 over the number of building permits issued in 2018. In 2019, based on the permits, the materials valuation totaled $63,728,865.04. This is an increase of $52,299,009 over 2018. In 2019, the total revenue generated from building permits alone was $38,281.32. This is an increase of $10,044.92 over 2018.

Sam Payne reported that Donaldsons had their final inspection. A temporary certificate of occupancy was issued. They will receive their permanent CO when the phone line to the elevator is completed. Frito-Lay is close to completing the first part of its expansion project. It is expected to be done mid-March. Sam Payne completed an initial inspection on the Dirtbuster project. They are getting ready to put their walls up. Regions Bank ran into a problem with the compaction of their soil. They may need to take the dirt out and redo the foundation because the compaction did not pass state inspection.

Sam said that Phil Thurston is a great asset to the department as a part-time inspector.

ATTORNEY:  Les Bergum, Attorney, said that he has worked with Chief Bacon on an ordinance for the Parks. He said that the shelter fees can be added to the ordinance if the mayor would like. Mayor McBarnes said that he sees no reason to change things, he would prefer to leave the shelter fees out of the ordinance to keep the process more streamlined.

Les Bergum brought the board the 2020 employment contract for city attorney. Jim Siegfried made a motion to approve the city attorney employment contract for Les Bergum. Ken Estes seconded the motion. Motion passed 3-0.

Les Bergum reported we received an affidavit in support of a final judgment on 1110 N John St. They are going to foreclose on the lien. Les has an affidavit for Sam Payne to sign in support of this and then we can complete the process and get the title.
There are four claims to be approved for the RDA for Prairie Creek Park. They have been approved by the RDA and need to be approved by the Board of Works. Ken Estes made a motion to approve the claims. Jim Siegfried seconded the motion. Motion passed 3-0.

Les Bergum received a state of Indiana QPA fuel card. He doesn’t know why he received it but, if it is legitimate it might be a benefit to city employees. The card and letter were given to Barb Conner so that she could look into it.

Les reported that we have submitted to the Alcohol & Tobacco Commission the application for permit for 3 way license at the golf course and transferal of the permit. There were fees that needed to be paid and the agreement was that the city would pay half the cost and Arborwood would pay the other half. Les Bergum reported that he has the bill for the city’s half.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS:  Mayor McBarnes asked for confirmation that Ridenour has signed his contract for demolition of the building on Washington Avenue. Sam Payne confirmed that he has.


CLAIMS:  Claims were presented. Ken Estes made the motion to approve the claims as presented. Jim Siegfried seconded the motion. Motion passed 3-0.

ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business to come before the board Mayor McBarnes adjourned the meeting.