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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

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11/12/2019 City Council Meeting Minutes


November 12, 2019

The Common Council met in a regular meeting on November 12, 2019 in the Council Chambers, 301 East Clinton Street, Frankfort, Indiana at 7:00 PM.

Mayor Chris McBarnes called the meeting to order and led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Judy Sheets then prayed. Upon roll call, the following members were present:  Jim Moyer, Eric Woods, Clarence Warthan Steve Beardsley, Lewis Wheeler, and Joe Palmer.  Also present: Judith Sheets, Clerk-Treasurer and Les Bergum, City Attorney.  Absent:  David Hussey.

MINUTES:   The minutes for the October 28, 2019, regular meeting were presented.  Lewis Wheeler made a motion to approve the minutes for the October 28 council meeting.   Steve Beardsley seconded the motion.  Upon roll call vote six “ayes” were recorded.  Motion passed.

PUBLIC COMMENTS:    David Riggs stated that if he had been elected to the Council he was going to ask for playground equipment for special needs children in the parks.  Discussion followed.

ORDINANCE 19-20:    AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 19-14 SETTING SALARIES AND HOURLY WAGES FOR EMPLOYEES OF THE CIVIL CITY OF FRANKFORT, INDIANA.  Joe Palmer made a motion to read Ordinance 19-20 by title only. Clarence Warthan seconded the motion.  Upon roll vote six “ayes” were recorded.  Ordinance 19-20 was read by title only.   Jason Forsythe, Street Superintendent, stated that during the budget hearings it was decided to raise the Street Department laborers to the same pay as the Parks Department laborers.  The two laborers being paid out of MVH were moved up but the six laborers in Sanitation were not so he was asking that the salary ordinance be amended to change this.   Steve Beardsley made a motion to pass Ordinance 19-20 on the First Reading.  Clarence Warthan seconded the motion.  Upon roll call vote six “ayes” were recorded.  Ordinance 19-20 passed on the First Reading.

OLD BUSINESS:   Mayor McBarnes stated that he had received a letter from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and that the TPA Park was entered in the National Register of Historic Places.

Jim Moyer stated that David Riggs did not get his resume in for the USB Board member position by November 6th because he wanted to wait until the election was over.  Steve Beardsley stated that he thought that was reasonable.   It was decided by a consensus of the Council that this would be ok.  Jim Moyer and Eric Woods spoke about the process of selecting the person for the position.

NEW BUSINESS:    Mike Kelley, Chairman of the Utility Service Board, presented the information for the 2020 Utilities budget, which included a summary sheet and a budget book that had each utilities department’s budget in it.  Mike stated that the billing office sends out 12,000 pieces of mail a month.  Mike also stated that they purchase $26 million dollars’ worth of power each year.   Eric Woods asked if this budget was an increase over previous years.  Todd Corrie stated that it stays pretty consistent and that spending is slightly less.

Joe Palmer stated that Main Street is working on things for the Holiday Festival of Lights.

Mayor McBarnes stated that there will be a kettle corn vendor at the park this year during the Festival of Lights and possibly an ice skating rink downtown.

Clarence Warthan stated that they are still working on downtown parking.

Steve Beardsley gave an update on the Trails.  Mayor McBarnes stated that the name of the trails is Cloverleaf Trail.

ADJOURNMENT:   There being no further business to come before the Council, Jim Moyer made a motion to adjourn.  Joe Palmer seconded the motion.  Mayor McBarnes adjourned the meeting.