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Monday, July 13, 2020

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City of Frankfort Updating Zoning, Subdivision Codes, and Maps

Frankfort, IN – A modernized version of Frankfort’s Zoning and Subdivision codes is being reviewed by the City Plan Commission in preparation for recommendation to City Council.

Collaborative efforts between the City Plan Commission, Building Services Staff, City Council representatives, and local citizens have resulted in the proposal of a Unified Development Ordinance that would modernize Frankfort’s Zoning and Subdivision Codes. A Unified Development Ordinance will allow the city to provide zoning information in an integrated publication.  Data will be logically organized in a single location with a digital format that can be accessed and downloaded on any computer for reference.  Subdivision codes and standards have been modernized to facilitate easier understanding for developers and the public.

Some of the challenges the new ordinance is attempting to address include:

  • Modernizing language to match state law terminology for subdivisions,
  • Simplifying the zoning maps to reduce the number of districts in the city,
  • Creating ease of navigation by providing a full-color document with bookmarks and hotlinks, and
  • Simplifying administration of the ordinance and maps for officials and public alike.

A draft of the Unified Development Ordinance can be found at this link.

Revised zoning maps can be found on Beacon Local Geographical Information Systems by viewing Clinton County and selecting “2019 Proposed FF Zoning” in the layer list.

Current city ordinances can be found here.  The Unified Development Ordinance would replace chapter 153 and portions of chapter 155.

The draft ordinance and revised zoning maps are being made available for public viewing and feedback prior to moving forward with the legal process of ordinance adoption. Please contact Annie Bacon at (765) 659-6770 with any questions or concerns.