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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

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Prairie Creek Park Completion Date Moved to Late Fall

Frankfort, IN — Spring rains, site work setbacks, and utility work have delayed the Prairie Creek Park project in downtown Frankfort. The two festivals planned for October in Prairie Creek Park will now be held at different locations. The Frankfort Hispanic Heritage Festival will be held on October 5 at Veterans’ Park in downtown Frankfort. Oktoberfest scheduled for Saturday, October 12 will be held on Washington Street in the Prairie Creek Park block.

According to Mayor Chris McBarnes, “While we are disappointed in the setbacks that have delayed the completion of this park, we strongly believe that Prairie Creek Park will be an asset to the community for generations to come. The quality of the work is more important to us than the completion date. Even so, we are working with the construction company to see if any additional steps can be taken, or any additional hours can be worked so that the park can be completed as soon as possible.”

The original completion date of the new park was set for August; however, work was substantially delayed during the spring rains. Subsurface issues at the construction site resulted in additional unexpected clean-up work which had to be resolved before construction could proceed. The contractor, MacDougall Pierce Construction, estimates construction of the new park will last into late fall.