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Thursday, December 5, 2019

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Frankfort Future Leaders Advisory Council Brings Mural to Downtown Frankfort

Frankfort IN– A new mural is on display at 51 West event center in downtown Frankfort.  This artwork is the product of collaboration between Frankfort Future Leaders Advisory Council (FFLAC), Tippecanoe Arts Federation, and the City of Frankfort, and it reflects the student dedication to promoting quality of place in Frankfort.

The mural is being installed after months of planning and preparation. Council member Daniel Garcia said that the group chose an interactive mural for this year’s project explaining, “We wanted to focus on something that would add beauty to our downtown and would allow people to be a part of the project. We feel that this mural can bring people together and enhance the downtown atmosphere.”

Senior Jada Redmon presented the mural concept to the Historic Preservation Commission. She is glad to see the project finalized before she leaves for college in the fall.  The mural process gave her insight into the challenges that face community projects, “We talked about finding a local artist but weren’t sure how to find someone locally with mural experience. It was important for us to have quality artwork that would last for a long time. Fortunately, we were able to partner with Tippecanoe Arts Federation who walked us through the process of choosing an artist and reviewing design ideas. Our design had to be approved by the Historic Preservation Commission, and we had to find a building owner willing to let us paint on their wall. It took a lot of work and planning, but we think it was worth it and that it really adds something special to the area.”

Advisory Council member Isaac Hunter, who was part of the team that presented the mural idea to the building owner, Dr. Jill Snyder said, “We thought 51 West was the perfect location for this mural. We recognize that Dr. Snyder has invested a great deal in Frankfort and this is a way for us to partner with someone who believes just as much as we do in celebrating in the unique and wonderful attributes Frankfort has to offer.”

Dr. Jill Snyder owns several buildings and businesses in Frankfort and was pleasantly surprised when the students approached her with their mural proposal. She said, “I was delighted to have my building chosen for this project. This mural adds vibrancy and character to 51 West event center and will be a great location for photos.”

Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes said, “Public art plays an integral role in our downtown revitalization strategy. I am proud to partner with the dedicated FFLAC members who have worked very hard to bring unique artwork to our community. Their interest in and dedication to improving and beautifying our downtown – and our entire community – is inspiring. These young leaders truly are the future of Frankfort.”

The mural was painted by Indiana artist Mitchell Schuring of Metabyte Creative. The City of Frankfort will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony for new mural during this year’s Hot Dog Festival. The Frankfort Future Leaders Advisory Council plans a “Quality of Place” project each year.  Past projects include the gateway signs at entrances to the city, the Gem City Sculpture and the Hot Dog bench both located on Clinton Street.