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Thursday, April 9, 2020

News & Updates

City Establishes Message Center

Frankfort, Ind. – The City of Frankfort has added two methods of reporting non-emergencies by establishing a phone message center and adding a new general email address. These additions will give residents an easy way to contact city officials with any questions, comments or concerns they may have.

Community members can call the message center at (765) 659-6781 or send an email to  The city’s community development department will ensure that each request gets to the appropriate person or department and that calls are returned.

Community Development Director Annie Bacon notes, “This is not a number to be used for emergencies, but we feel it will be effective, especially in circumstances where people aren’t sure who they need to contact. This message center gives community members an easier way to contact us.”

The phone number has been active on a trial basis for several weeks. Bacon says they have received about a dozen calls. “We have heard from people asking how to schedule an extra trash pick-up or looking for information regarding permits needed for home repairs.” Bacon said, “Calls are being returned within 24 hours either from my office or the city department that can best address their concern.”

Mayor Chris McBarnes added, “We want every person who interacts with our city government to have a positive experience and to recognize that we value their input and we are listening to their concerns. In that way, these additional points of contact are beneficial to city officials and citizens alike.”

The new contact information can be found on the City of Frankfort website along with a means to contact specific department heads and city officials individually. The new contact information is also posted on the City of Frankfort Facebook page.