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Saturday, July 20, 2019

News & Updates

Paving Update

The City of Frankfort has contracted with paving companies to mill and pave the following roads this summer:

  1. St. Mary’s Avenue
  2. Clay Street – From Armstrong to Alhambra
  3. Clay Street – From E. Kyger to Washington Ave
  4. South Street – From 8th St to S. Main
  5. South Street – From S. Jackson to Coulter St
  6. Boomer Street – From Walnut Ave to Dead End
  7. Kelley Rd – From Alhambra to S. Jackson St
  8. Green Street – From N Jackson to Rossville Ave
  9. Eighth Street – From W. South St to E. Armstrong
  10. Wilshire Drive – From Hoke Ave to Maish Rd
  11. Kyger Street – From Walsh Ave to Rossville Ave
  12. W. McClurg Street – From John St to Main St
  13. Prairie Street – From Fairground St to Freeman St

Please note that the roads will not necessarily be paved in the order listed above. The paving projects will begin on Monday, April 29 and continue through the month of May.

Work on City of Frankfort alleys will continue throughout the summer.  Alley work is currently in progress on the city’s northwest side. Work will continue until maintenance on all alleys has been completed.