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Thursday, August 22, 2019

News & Updates

TPA Park Aviary Opening May 24th

Frankfort Parks Department employees are putting the final touches on the recently renovated aviary in anticipation of a May 24th opening. The new aviary will be handicap accessible and will include a covered feeding area, a waterfall, seating areas, and a winding concrete path.

Parks Superintendent Travis Sheets is excited about the educational opportunities this aviary will provide saying, “We are excited about the new exhibits and the new birds for people to see. Every bird will be identified with name plates which will help visitors identify each bird and learn more about them. We will have nearly 300 birds in the aviary when it opens.”

Sheets said that the aviary renovation was made possible by the Community Foundation’s donation of $45,000 for the purchase of building materials. The aviary will remain open from May 24th through the first week of August.