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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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TPA Park pool opening delayed due to repairs

Frankfort, Ind. – Originally scheduled to open this Saturday for the summer season, the opening of the TPA Park Pool is being delayed so needed repairs can be made for the safety and enjoyment of all swimmers, Parks Superintendent Travis Sheets announced.

“The pool was filled last week and by the following day, we had significant water loss. Unfortunately, this situation was beyond our control and we apologize for the delay in opening the pool.  That said, we are working with our management company, Aquatics of Indianapolis, to identify the issue and correct the problem as soon as possible. Our goal is for our pool visitors to have an enjoyable experience every time they use our pool this summer.

“We have a banner outside the pool area letting everyone know it is currently closed for repairs. The warm temperatures are here, so it’s critically important the necessary repairs are made quickly,” Sheet said. “While we certainly understand the delay is frustrating to everyone who is looking forward to enjoying the pool, it’s our number one priority to ensure guests’ safety.”

Residents are encouraged to check local media outlets, the City’s Web site at frankfort-in.gov and the City, Mayor and Parks Department’s Facebook pages for updates on the rescheduled opening date.