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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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Building Services officially operating back in Old Stoney

Departments moving back into renovated iconic building in stages

Frankfort, Ind. – Frankfort’s Building Services team has moved back into Old Stoney and as of 8:00 a.m. today is officially open for business back in the newly renovated structure, so anyone needing City building permits should visit Old Stoney from this point forward.

According to Board of Public Works and Safety Member and project leader for the Old Stoney rehabilitation project Jim Siegfried, the remaining departments previously housed in the building will move back in stages to ensure a smooth transition.

The Clinton County Area Plan Commission and Veterans Affairs offices still are operating at 51 West Clinton Street (former United Way building), with both departments scheduled to move back into Old Stoney next week.

“We anticipate the Mayor’s Office and Clerk-Treasurer’s Office staff moving back into Old Stoney in early November.

“All City meetings will take place back in Old Stoney beginning November 1. The City Council, Board of Works and all other regular City meetings will take place in their original locations where they happened before the move, with most happening in the Council Chambers in the basement,” Siegfried said.

Area IV and the Clinton County Chapter of the American Red Cross will move back in a timing of their choosing and will notify Siegfried of when the move works best for them.

“The parking lot at Old Stoney is open for parking, but it has not been striped yet, so we urge visitors to be careful and use caution when parking. We appreciate everyone’s patience while department staffs transition back into the building,” Siegfried explained. “If anyone has questions about the timing of which departments are back in and which are not, they can call the Mayor’s office at 765-654-7332.”

Stay tuned for additional updates on next week’s departmental moves back to Old Stoney.