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Thursday, July 9, 2020

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Cornerstone Spotlight

Frankfort Cornerstones is a new tool in the McBarnes administration’s arsenal to communicate what’s happening in your community.

Communications is one of four cornerstones City departments wrap activities, programs and services around year after year. Neighborhood Revitalization, Economic Development and Citizen Voice are the other three that will be profiled in future newsletters. The tagline for our Communications cornerstone is: a two-way street: listening and sharing. Effective communications happens when messages are shared with clarity, consistency and conciseness and those listening can be informed, educated and in many cases, motivated to take action and become involved.

Whether it’s news releases sent to local media outlets about an event or new initiative, emergency weather statements posted on Facebook, community meetings hosted by the Police Department, Neighbors Helping Neighbors program, Fire Prevention Week, Operation Spring Clean Up, Safer Seniors or the Building Services Department team’s work on the City’s Americans With Disabilities Act, every example is an opportunity for you as a Frankfort resident to learn more about what is happening in your community and in many cases, to participate in the event, meeting, committee or program.

Lastly, plans communicated in our various 200-Day Plans don’t all originate from City staff. Many of them have come from helpful suggestions made by caring, interested residents. That’s why our 200-Day Plans are a true team effort.

This new newsletter’s main purpose is to communicate those items that have a longer “shelf life” than news releases that usually are about more immediate items.

In keeping with the “two-way street” approach, please tell us if you want to know more about an existing program or service and/or if you have an idea for an effort you would like to see implemented in your community by contacting the Mayor’s office at 654-7332. You never know… your thought could be featured in a future issue of Frankfort Cornerstones!