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200-Day Plan Friday, February 1, 2013 – Monday, August 19, 2013

Each of these four cornerstone areas will be continuously monitored and evaluated with progress shared.

Neighborhood Revitalization

revitalizing Frankfort one block, one street, one house, one yard at a time

Enhanced Recycling Program

doing a little is doing a lot

With the continuing goal to increase community participation in the City’s recycling program, an education initiative is in the process for residents and business owners, showing the importance, ease and impact of recycling; how small steps yield big benefits.

Elements of this plan include stuffers in utility bills, flyers, news releases, Web site and Facebook postings, clean up of old tires at the landfill, displays at local festivals, tours of the recycling plant and presentations and contests in the elementary schools. Program branding (recycling logo) and the creation of a program mascot – Recycle Man – are helping develop program identity. City officials are considering a potential change in its trash collection program, moving to once-a-week pick up with a seven trash bag limit weekly, thereby saving money and creating a greater emphasis on the need for and benefits of recycling.

Old Stoney Restoration

A community icon, Old Stoney is in serious need of renovation, specifically the roof, windows, electrical and heating systems, water damage repairs and aesthetic enhancements, with the roof being the priority. Historic restoration grant opportunities are being investigated, along with cost estimates obtained from area contractors.

The Golf Preserve

City officials will evaluate the cost effectiveness of continuing to maintain Frankfort’s 18-hole golf course in its current format.

Operation Spring Clean Up

A multi-day event will be created to engage community members in revitalizing various neighborhoods and the downtown this spring.

Clean Up Of Blighted Areas Of City's Four Corners

The Department of Building Services will partner with the Fire Department and the Clinton County Board of Health to complete inspections of residential and commercial property complaints and blighted areas of the City.

Historic Preservation Ordinance

City officials will pursue passage of this ordinance to allow the Building Services staff to apply specific historic preservation criteria to some of Frankfort’s residential and commercial structures, thereby properly identifying them and their value in the community

New City Parking Ordinance

Work will continue through the Parking Committee, made up of City and County officials and small business owners to evaluate the ordinance and make recommendations to the City Council regarding parking needs for the incoming Ivy Tech traffic and future community needs.

Second Code Enforcement Officer

City officials will pursue hiring a second code enforcement officer to assist with the multitude of inspections and follow-up on the Department of Building Services’ plate.

Update Property Maintenance Standards

Establish a uniform code of property maintenance standards that are readily available to the general public and increase enforcement of property maintenance codes.

Establish Historical Standards For Specific Areas Of The Community

City officials will seek approval on historical standards for Christian Ridge and the South District.

ADA Compliance

City officials will undertake a variety of actions related to ADA compliance, including training classes, working with local industries on employment opportunities for those with disabilities, providing accessible transportation, educating businesses/government officials and those with disabilities about their rights and responsibilities under ADA, providing accommodations for employment, and removing physical barriers while providing communication supports and alternative formats for those with disabilities.

Wellness Initiative

every step you take 

The walkability of the community will continue through the implementation of Frankfort’s Complete Streets program. For future projects such as South Maish Road, designs and funding will be pursued for not only the basics of the project itself, but for the inclusion of amenities such as bike and walking paths for enhanced mobility, safety and physical activity options for residents and visitors.

A City employee wellness program currently is being designed as a resource for employees to voluntarily to improve their health, well-being and productivity while keeping health insurance costs down.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

The Building Services and Streets Department leaders will continue promoting and providing the Neighbors Helping Neighbors (NHN) program, with an influx of young volunteers available from area high school students involved in the Mayor’s Youth Initiative Job Shadowing Program (part of the criteria to do job shadowing is helping with the NHN initiative).

Inventory Of Real Estate Property Values

City officials will undertake an inventory of real estate property values throughout the community. This type of record-keeping has not been done in several years and will yield benefits for both neighborhood revitalization and economic development.

Community Infrastructure Program

The City’s five-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) has been created as a short-range plan identifying capital projects and equipment purchases, as well as providing a timeframe for those projects and purchases and identification of financing options. An economic development tool, the CIP serves as a focus on community infrastructure needs while ensuring an efficient use of public monies. As a complementary resource, enhanced promotions will be done to help educate residents on the availability of Frankfort’s 50/50 program for sidewalk replacements.

Infrastructure Enhancements

A dedicated program to paint curbs and crosswalks, repair rusty sign posts and repaint faded street center dividing lines will be done.

Puppy Pool Party

Designed for dogs of all ages as a fundraiser for the Clinton County Humane Society, the TPA Pool will be open for a canine swim the day after the pool closes for the season in August.

Continued Renewed Focus On Public Safety

putting service back in protect and serve

Safer Seniors

The positive partnership between the Frankfort Police and Fire Departments will continue with such projects as the renewed promotion and continued implementation of the Safer Seniors Program.

Pursuit of Federal Grants

The Fire Department will continue to pursue federal grants, as it has been, for needed items such as equipment, training and smoke detectors. If smoke detectors can be funded with grant dollars, then a citywide smoke detector campaign will be created.

Spring School Fire Safety Visits

Fire Department officials will make fire safety visits to each Frankfort school before the school year ends to conduct fire drills, mock fires and use their smoke trailer as a follow-up to last year’s Fire Prevention Week.
Pre-plan Walk Throughs/Familiarization Tours of All Local Businesses and Schools
Fire Department officials will conduct walk throughs of all local businesses and schools to gain advance knowledge of floor plans and any unique situations to better plan and prepare for possible fire emergencies in those locations.

Police Department Community Meetings

Three community meetings will take place within the time period of this Plan: one with Frankfort’s Building Inspector Sam Payne to address neighborhood revitalization and beautification and two others.

Community Bike Safety Day

Designed for the entire community, police officers will teach one or two spring classes on bike safety in preparation for warmer weather.

2013 National Night Out – Tuesday, August 6

A national program, this summer event is designed to heighten awareness of crime and drug prevention, generate support of anti-crime programs, strengthen police and neighborhood partnerships and send a clear message to criminals that neighborhoods are organizing to provide better community crime fighting and enhanced living conditions.

Grant Opportunities

Federal, state and regional grant opportunities will continue to be pursued for as many of the above-mentioned projects as possible.

Stellar Community Grant

City officials are pursuing a Stellar Community Grant from the State of Indiana. Highly competitive, this three-year-old program awards two communities in Indiana with $17 million to $20 million for various community projects. Each project in Frankfort’s application will relate to the City’s four cornerstones.

Economic Development

Frankfort is open for business

Economic Development Program

An Economic Development Plan is being created with planning grant funds from the Community Development Block Grant Program. Working in tandem with the Frankfort Redevelopment Commission, City officials and economic development experts are focusing on a Frankfort is open for business approach. This concept includes securing existing jobs, strengthening existing industries, attracting new product lines and new businesses and focusing on job creation.

City officials will work to develop a relationship with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation as Frankfort should be on the IEDC’s location possibility list for new businesses looking to relocate.

Ivy Tech/Frankfort Campus

Progress will continue towards the creation of an Ivy Tech campus in Frankfort, including the City and County assuming ownership of the Frankfort Times’ building in early March and classes starting mid-August.

Small Businesses in Downtown Square

Mayor McBarnes will continue to visit downtown businesses owners to learn about their needs and plans, similar to his Industrial Park site visits.

Planning and Zoning

Frankfort’s Plan Commission is amending a Comprehensive Redevelopment Plan to better define Frankfort’s long-term success while corresponding with Clinton County’s Plan.

Annexation To I-65

City officials will evaluate options to annex land west to I-65 to increase economic development opportunities and residential growth.

Fire Cadet Program

Fire Department officials will implement a fire cadet job shadowing program for those interested in pursuing careers in public safety. They also will encourage exploring a Public Safety Fire Science Program for the planned Ivy Tech Frankfort campus.

ISO Rating

To help establish appropriate fire insurance premiums for residential and commercial properties, fire officials will finish work on the City’s ISO rating. The rate will be an economic development incentive for new businesses.

Grant Opportunities

Federal, state and regional grant opportunities will continue to be pursued for as many of the above-mentioned projects as possible.


a two way street: listening, sharing

Strategic Comprehensive Communications Plan

Every appropriate activity within this Plan will have accompanying promotions and communications behind it. A sampling of tactics follows:

  • City’s Web site continues to be updated nearly daily
  • quarterly newsletters will be initiated in the first quarter of 2013 and included in residents’ utility bills
  • options are being investigated to televise City Council and Board of Works meetings on the new Web site
  • news releases, news briefs, Facebook postings and media interviews will continue

Mayoral Address

Mayor McBarnes will present a mayoral address in February to recap the previous 200-Day Plan and preview details included in this Plan.

Frankfort Community Day At Butler University

The Frankfort community will be spotlighted during the Butler/Xavier basketball game on Saturday, March 9.

City Employee Manual

The City’s existing Employee Manual will be evaluated and revised where needed to reflect current day policies and procedures, with fresh copies provided to all City staff.

City Employee Travel Policy

A specific travel policy will be created for all City employees to ensure uniform consistency of travel procedures across all departments.

Inter-Departmental Sexual Harassment Training

Police Department officials will host several training dates for City employees to learn updates on the City’s current sexual harassment policy, thereby fostering improved relations and communications among employees.

Ordinance Education Initiative

Building Services (Building Inspector/Code Enforcement) and Police Department officials will undertake an education effort to help community members understand City ordinances.

Building Services Educational Program With Schools

Building Services staff will work with school officials this spring to present various safety topics, including electrical safety, smoke detectors and door locks.

2013 Leadership Summit

The third in a series of Leadership Summits will be held for City, County and school leaders.

Grant Opportunities

Federal, state and regional grant opportunities will continue to be pursued for as many of the above-mentioned projects as possible.

Citizen Voice

operating from the consent of the governed

Citizen-Driven Roundtables/Advisory Boards

Two roundtables/advisory boards will be established to encourage input/feedback from specific sectors of the community:

  • small business advisory council
  • youth advisory board (also a platform for joint events between youth and business community)
    • input will be solicited on the feasibility of a Youth Center

Youth Initiative

A two-pronged effort, this initiative will include a job shadowing program partnering area youth with local businesses and a youth lecture series for Frankfort students to hear from leaders in business, non-profit, sports and government.

Mayor's Night Out

Mayor McBarnes and his team of department heads will continue to host Mayor’s Night Out events at various area businesses with the program consisting of City updates and a Q&A session with the audience.

Fire Department Town Meeting

Fire officials will host a town meeting to discuss fire prevention, home safety and answer residents’ questions.

Grant Opportunities

Federal, state and regional grant opportunities will continue to be pursued for as many of the above-mentioned projects as possible.