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Thursday, October 22, 2020

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McBarnes appoints Todd Corrie to Plan Commission

Frankfort, IN – Given his administration’s focus on strengthening Frankfort’s economic development, Mayor Chris McBarnes appointed local business leader Todd Corrie to the City’s Plan Commission.

“With the Plan Commission responsible for reviewing ordinances among other tasks, we are working hand-in-hand and utilizing this important group of dedicated community members to the fullest extent as more development comes into Frankfort.

“Todd’s keen sense of progressive business practices and strong desire to contribute to his community represents the new, diverse appointments being made as we strive for excellence,” McBarnes said.

Vice president of manufacturing for The Kay Company, Corrie is enthused about his new role and his first Plan Commission meeting on Wednesday.

“I’m seeing great strides being made in our City, so I want to become more involved and am excited to jump in and be a part of the progress happening,” Corrie said.

A seven-member board, Frankfort’s Plan Commission is made up of four mayoral appointees and three appointees from the City Council. A Republican, Corrie will serve a four-year term and fills the vacancy left by Mel Betts who moved out of the City limits.

McBarnes swore-in Corrie earlier this week.

For questions or interview requests, contact Mayor McBarnes at 654-7332.