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Thursday, October 22, 2020

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Common Council Minutes – October 22, 2012

The Common Council met in a regular meeting on October 22, 2012 in the Council Chambers, 301 East Clinton Street, Frankfort, Indiana at 7:00 PM and the following action was taken: Mayor Chris McBarnes was present, called the meeting to order, and led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance. Mayor Chris McBarnes then prayed. Upon roll call the following members were present: Jim Moyer, Sam Paul, Jake Myers, Rick Gunyon, Eric Woods, Joe Palmer and Josh Uitts. Also present Les Bergum, City Attorney and Judy Suter, Clerk-Treasurer.


The minutes for the October 9, 2012 regular meeting were presented. Jim Moyer made a motion to approve the minutes from the October 9, 2012 regular meeting. Josh Uitts seconded the motion. Upon roll call vote six “ayes”- Sam Paul, Eric Woods, Josh Uitts, Jake Myers, Rick Gunyon, Jim Moyer and one “abstain”- Joe Palmer were recorded. Motion passed.


Eric Woods made a motion to approve Ordinance 12-10 on the Third Reading. Jake Myers seconded the motion. Upon roll call vote seven “ayes” –Sam Paul, Eric Woods, Joe Palmer, Josh Uitts, Jake Myers, Rick Gunyon, James Moyer were recorded. Ordinance 12-10 passed on the Third Reading. Mayor McBarnes commended the Council on their work on the 2013Budget.


Sam Payne presented information on the International Property Maintenance Code and would like the Council’s approval to move forward on this. Sam explained some of the changes this would make to the building code. Eric Woods stated that this is an important document and would give us the tools needed for enforcement. Josh Uitts asked if we would eventually be upgrading the building codes. Les Bergum stated that he has been looking at this document and that it could be used to amend and restate the current building codes. Mayor McBarnes commended Sam for his work on this. Eric stated that there is no plan in place and that they would like for the Council to give suggestions. Mayor McBarnes suggested that they divide this information amongst the Council Committee. Sam Payne stated that he would also like to involve the Fire Inspector. Discussion followed.

Fire Chief John Kirby stated that there will be a basketball game between the Fire Department and the Police Department to benefit the Clinton County Cancer Society. The game will be held on November 3rd at 2:00 PM at Frankfort High School Case Arena. The goal is to raise $3200 for the Clinton County Cancer Society.

Mayor McBarnes stated that the Exide plant is coming down and asked Sam Payne to speak on this. Sam Payne stated that they had gone to IDEM and gotten all the necessary permits


Jim Moyer stated that at the last Council Meeting Tom Ransom had asked the Council to make an appointment to the Parking Committee. Josh Uitts stated that he would be interested in being on the committee. Jim Moyer made a motion to appoint Josh Uitts to the Parking Committee. Rick Gunyon seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.


There being no further business to come before the Council Jim Moyer made a motion to adjourn. Joe Palmer seconded the motion. Motion was approved by unanimous voice vote. Meeting adjourned.