Information regarding Proposed State Road 28 West Annexation Close
Thursday, October 22, 2020

News & Updates

Progress continues on North Maish Road

Residents in construction area encouraged to contact schools for transportation details

Frankfort, IN – Although not complete yet, the north portion of the North Maish Road project now is open to two-way traffic, with temporary traffic control paint applied and temporary traffic signs in place.

According to GAI Consultants Senior Technician Bud McQuade who is overseeing the construction project, the public needs to be aware the area still is a construction zone and that the north/south rail grade crossing still is closed.

“Exit and entry routes onto Maish Road still are available by using Red Bud Boulevard, Poplar Avenue and Mapleleaf Street. With the start of school August 16, families who live in the project area should contact their respective schools regarding any transportation details they need.

“Pedestrians are strongly discouraged from crossing over at the closed grade crossing. Due to the danger crossing at that point poses, no one should do that at any age,” McQuade said.

Storm pipe is being installed south of the grade crossing proceeding toward State Road 28. There will be increased construction equipment movement along this route.

“Those who walk to school should cross Maish Road at the appropriate crossing areas designated by the schools. Anyone who travels through the area on foot or on bikes should make sure the equipment operators see them before they enter the work area. Safety is our number one priority for motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists and our construction crews,” McQuade explained.

Questions? Contact McQuade at 260-249-1361 or leave a message in the local field office at 659-0608.