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Thursday, September 24, 2020

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Frankfort awarded $2.2 million for South Maish Road

Successful pursuit of additional federal transportation dollars secures City’s first Complete Streets project

Frankfort, IN – With an additional award of $2,262,517 in Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Group III funds, the City of Frankfort has secured the funding necessary to make South Maish Road the community’s first Complete Streets project, Mayor Chris McBarnes announced today.

 “With the recent passage of the City’s Complete Streets Ordinance, we are focused on a carefully planned and coordinated development of an integrated transportation network within the City for users of all ages. As our first Complete Streets project, the design of South Maish Road improvements will reflect walkability and safe transportation modes.

“Complete Streets is a major component of our Neighborhood Revitalization cornerstone. Providing access to safe and comfortable routes for walking, bicycling and public transportation enhance residents’ quality of life by encouraging healthy, active lifestyles while reducing traffic congestion and fuel consumption. This type of progress that touches not only the concrete landscape of our City, but positively impacts the lives of our residents is at the heart of our Neighborhood Revitalization cornerstone,” McBarnes said.

As part of the Complete Streets approach and in line with McBarnes’ Communication and Citizen Voice cornerstones, public participation will be solicited regarding the South Maish Road design so the work done reflects residents’ safety and mobility needs. With design work underway, an initial public meeting was held earlier this year with additional meetings to be scheduled.

Construction on the South Maish Road project from 200 feet south of State Road 28 to 200 feet south of Haven Avenue is set to begin in early 2015. Elements of the infrastructure work include 11-foot travel lanes for motor vehicles that also include three feet of bike lanes, a grass strip buffer with 2,400 linear feet of five-foot-wide sidewalks on the left side of the street and new curbs and gutters.

“Coming into office in January, I pledged we would pursue grants on all levels and partner with state and federal agencies to secure funding for major community infrastructure projects. Today’s grant award is the fruit of those labors. While South Maish Road’s path to success now has the necessary funding, we will continue to pursue our positive working relationships along with federal and state grant opportunities for as many projects and programs as possible,” McBarnes said.

In 2011, the City was awarded $1,309,883 in FHWA funds for the road project. The additional $2,262,517 just awarded means a total of $3,572,400 in federal funds will pay for 80 percent of the project’s cost and be administered by the Indiana Department of Transportation. With a required 80/20 federal local split, the $3.5 million in federal funds is the most Frankfort could receive for the project. The City’s 20 percent contribution totals $893,100 for a total project cost of $4,465,500.

Local monies will come from the City’s Economic Development Income Tax (EDIT) fund over the next four years. The EDIT fund is the same source the City is paying its local match for the North Maish Road project and for the municipal funding portion of the Eastside Drainage project.

For questions or interview requests, contact Mayor McBarnes at 765-654-7332.