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200 Day Plan July 1, 2012 – January 16, 2013

Each of these four cornerstone areas will be continuously monitored and evaluated with progress shared as the next 200 days of the McBarnes’ administration unfold.

Neighborhood Revitalization

revitalizing Frankfort one block, one street, one house, one yard at a time

Enhanced Recycling Program

doing a little is doing a lot

With the goal of increasing community participation in the City’s recycling program, an education initiative will be created for residents and business owners, showing the importance, ease and impact of recycling; how small steps yield big benefits.

Elements of this plan will include various educational materials in utility bills, flyers, news releases, displays at local festivals, presentations and contests in the elementary schools. Program branding (recycling logo on City vehicles and collateral materials) will help create program identity. In leading by example, recycling containers will be placed in all City government buildings.

City officials will investigate options for central recycling drop-off sites and bins for apartment complexes.

City Department Open Houses

Effective revitalization means it should happen everywhere – including within City departments, so open house events will be scheduled this summer to showcase the facilities of the Fire, Police, Building Services and Parks and Streets Departments. Many residents have never seen these areas of City government operations, so there is no better time to host the citizens we serve.

Wellness Initiatives

every step you take

The walkability of the community will continue to be enhanced through the implementation of Frankfort’s Complete Streets program. New street projects will be designed and funding pursued for not only the basics of the project itself, but for the inclusion of amenities such as bike and walking paths for enhanced mobility, safety and physical activity options for residents and visitors.

Existing areas within the community will be designated as walking paths, including markers indicating measured distances as convenient resources for residents to achieve the recommended 10,000 steps a day.

City officials will discuss the possibility of partnering with school officials to obtain and show the HBO documentary The Weight of the Nation to school staffs in the elementaries, middle school and high school, with the goal of creating healthier food choices and activity options.

A City employee wellness program will be designed as a resource for employees voluntarily to improve their health, well-being and productivity while keeping health insurance costs down.

A Mental Health Coalition will be created to focus on erasing the stigma of mental health, suicide and substance abuse issues. In addition to the Mayor, potential members could include the Crossing director, Clinton County Sheriff Jeff Ward and Frankfort Police Chief Troy Bacon, as well as others. The Coalition could work in tandem with the Clinton County Healthy Communities Coalition. Quarterly meetings will be held with various health professionals as ongoing learning avenues.

Personal Property Values Program

Educational resources will be developed to increase residents’ knowledge on how to make their homes worth more, including the Rule of Nine concept (a rundown home negatively affects every home around it).

Housing components will be included in the soon-to-be created Economic Development Plan for Frankfort.

The Building Services and Streets Department leaders will continue providing the Neighbors Helping Neighbors program.

Community Infrastructure Program

Steps will be investigated for the creation of a five-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for the City. This short-range plan identifies capital projects and equipment purchases, as well as a timeframe for those projects and purchases and identification of financing options. The Plan provides a mechanism to prioritize the projects and equipment that should follow a methodical evaluation of all potential projects at the same time. An economic development tool, a CIP serves as a focus on community infrastructure needs while ensuring an efficient use of public monies.

As part of developing a CIP, City officials will undertake a community infrastructure inventory involving existing sidewalks, curbs, gutters and drainage to build a priority list of what areas need improvements and repairs. As a complementary resource, enhanced promotions will be done to help educate residents on the availability of Frankfort’s 50/50 program for sidewalk replacements.

North Maish Road Project

Progress will continue on North Maish Road through the duration of this 200-Day period, heading towards a September 2013 completion.

South Maish Road Project

Design work will continue on South Maish Road as the City’s first Complete Streets project.

Eastside Drainage Project

City officials will continue their cooperative work with Clinton County officials regarding progress on the Eastside Drainage Project.

Continued Renewed Focus On Public Safety

putting service back in protect and serve

The positive partnership between the Frankfort Police and Fire Departments will continue with such projects as the continued implementation of the Safer Seniors Program.

The Fire Department will spearhead its annual Fire Prevention Week in October with events for the entire community.

The Fire Department will continue to pursue federal grants, as it has been, for needed items such as equipment, training and smoke detectors.

The Police Department will hold its fourth community meeting and once that has happened, Department leadership will evaluate all the feedback received at the four meetings and provide findings and next steps. Various community policing programs will be analyzed as possibilities to offer, including: child safety seminars, women safety seminars, child fingerprinting program.

The Police Department’s outreach to the Hispanic community will continue with meetings just like the four neighborhood meetings. Feedback and next steps will be shared.

Police bike and foot patrols are in full force and are like roving community meetings, so residents will continue to be encouraged to talk with officers out in their neighborhoods.

Grant Opportunities

Federal, state and regional grant opportunities will continue to be pursued for as many of the above-mentioned projects as possible.

Economic Development

Frankfort is open for business

Industrial Park Site Visits

Mayor will complete visits with Industrial Park plant managers to assess their plans and needs. As part of that effort, consultations will occur to find ways Frankfort’s fiber optic system might benefit those industries, help them reduce operating costs and increase activities like sales and marketing. A report of general findings will be shared, once the visits have been completed.

Economic Development Program

An Economic Development Plan will be created with planning grant funds from the Community Development Block Grant Program. Working in tandem with the Frankfort Redevelopment Commission, City officials and economic development experts will focus on the approach of Frankfort is open for business. This concept will include Phase I of the Economic Development Area to secure existing jobs and strengthen existing industries, attract new product lines, new businesses and focus on job creation.

Frankfort is open for business will include a focus on public/private partnerships and targeting local incentives that do not raise taxes. Planning conversations will be held regarding strategic annexation opportunities to stretch infrastructure and annex land to I-65 as a means of helping to make Frankfort more competitive.

City officials will work to develop a relationship with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation as Frankfort should be on the IEDC’s location possibility list for new businesses looking to relocate.

A City marketing initiative will be evaluated by City officials with appropriate steps announced. Possible options for inclusion are the promotion of Frankfort and Clinton County to 2013 college graduates.

Stormwater Fees

USB Councilmatic Committee will review Frankfort’s stormwater fee to study what the fee structure is based upon and determine the need to revise, as necessary.

The City’s Stormwater Drainage Utility Ordinance needs to be revised by the City Council with input from the Utility Service Board in regards to creating a best practices ordinance for our manufacturing community.

Small Businesses in Downtown Square

Mayor will visit downtown businesses owners to learn about their needs and plans, similar to his Industrial Park site visits.

Planning and Zoning

Frankfort’s Plan Commission is amending a Comprehensive Redevelopment Plan to better define Frankfort’s long-term success while corresponding with Clinton County’s Plan.

A focus on joint code enforcement efforts will continue between the City and County planning and zoning staffs; particularly with their office relocations being under one roof at Old Stoney, beginning this summer.

Job Shadowing for Area Youth

City officials will continue gathering names of businesses interested in partnering with area youth to implement a City-sponsored job shadowing program.

Grant Opportunities

Federal, state and regional grant opportunities will continue to be pursued for as many of the above-mentioned projects as possible.


a two way street: listening, sharing

Strategic Comprehensive Communications Plan

Every activity and communication will evolve from a plan that will involve all four cornerstones of the McBarnes administration. A sampling of tactics follows:

  • City’s Web site is being completely redesigned and rewritten with a robust look and feel
  • quarterly newsletters will be included in residents’ utility bills
  • options are being investigated to televise City Council and Board of Works meetings on the new Web site
  • new releases, news briefs, Facebook postings and media interviews will continue

Mock Disaster Simmulation/Training

The McBarnes team will undergo training (roundtable discussion and mock disaster simulation exercise) proactively to prepare for crisis situations.

Second Leadership Summit

Following the February 2012 Leadership Summit, a second event will be held with County and City leaders in the late fall to continue discussions around leadership and communication issues to continue serving Frankfort/Clinton County citizens in the most effective manner possible.

Outreach with Community Groups

Relationship building activities between the City, County, Chamber, Partners in Progress, Main Street, Pride Pushers and Rise & Shine Group will continue and involve various volunteer and outreach opportunities.

Sister Cities

Frankfort’s Sister City relationships with the Congo in Africa and Lanxi City in Zhejiang Province, China will include various outreach and education efforts.

Grant Opportunities

Federal, state and regional grant opportunities will continue to be pursued for as many of the above-mentioned projects as possible.

Citizen Voice

operating from the consent of the governed

Citizen-Driven Roundtables/Advisory Boards

Three roundtables/advisory boards will be established to encourage input/feedback from specific sectors of the community:

  • small business advisory council
  • youth advisory board (also a platform for joint events between youth and business community) – input will be solicited on the feasibility of a Youth Center
  • Latino advisory board

Create Quarterly Youth Leadership Lecture Series

Opportunities for area youth to hear from leaders in business, non-profit, etc. will be investigated, with the first speaker scheduled for this fall/early winter.

Mayor's Night Out

Mayor and his team of department heads will continue to host Mayor’s Night Out events at various area businesses with the program consisting of City updates and Q&A session with the audience.

Grant Opportunities

Federal, state and regional grant opportunities will continue to be pursued for as many of the above-mentioned projects as possible.