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Thursday, October 22, 2020

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Frankfort to adopt complete streets ordinance

Comprehensive, transportation network will promote safer travel

Frankfort, IN – In recognition of the City’s need for a carefully planned and coordinated development of an integrated transportation network for users of all ages – pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers and transit riders – Frankfort’s City Council members are scheduled to amend an existing ordinance, adopting a Complete Streets Ordinance at tonight’s Council meeting.

Supporting the adoption of the ordinance, Mayor Chris McBarnes has spearheaded walkability and safe transportation modes as part of his neighborhood revitalization cornerstone within his 100-Day Plan.

“A major part of neighborhood revitalization is providing access to safe and comfortable routes for walking, bicycling and public transportation. Residents’ quality of life will be enhanced when we encourage healthy and active lifestyles, while reducing traffic congestion and fuel consumption.

“Complete Streets is a national program offering long-term cost savings for municipalities, health benefits for residents and financial benefits for property owners, businesses and community investors by providing a safe, convenient and integrated transportation network for all who use our streets and sidewalks,” McBarnes said.

According to the Mayor, City officials will utilize the most current design guidelines and standards in creating a Complete Streets network.

“Public participation will be solicited regarding street designs. Our streets and sidewalks must not only be part of a coordinated local transportation system, but they must reflect and provide for our residents’ safety and mobility needs,” the Mayor explained.

Following the Council’s scheduled amendment to the existing ordinance, the Frankfort Plan Commission will draft a Non-Motorized Transportation Plan (NMTP): Complete Streets for the City of Frankfort. This amendment to Frankfort’s Master Plan will establish criteria and long-range plans for providing Complete Streets in the City.

The NMTP may include bicycle routes, lanes and paths, sidewalks and pedestrian paths, best practices for crossing pedestrians and bicycles at intersections and mid-block locations, transit facilities and related safety improvements and amenities.

City officials will look for opportunities to provide Complete Streets in conjunction with all appropriate public works projects. The City Council’s goal is to fund the implementation of the NMTP, including the pursuit of grant funds to pay for the initiative.

Following the Board of Works’ adoption of a Complete Streets resolution at its 2:00 p.m. meeting today, City Councilors are set to amend the City’s current Streets and Sidewalks Ordinance to add the Complete Streets approach.

For questions or interview requests, contact Mayor McBarnes at 654-7332 or City Council President Jim Moyer at 652-0687.