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Thursday, October 22, 2020

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City and County Planning Departments to share resources

Joint venture to create greater efficiencies, effectiveness for citizens

Frankfort, IN – The City of Frankfort’s Department of Building Services and Clinton County Planning Department soon will share office space at Old Stoney, providing citizens with one stop shopping to address their planning and zoning questions and needs.

According to Mayor Chris McBarnes, space is being made available on the main floor of City Hall to accommodate both departments’ staff, records and resources.

“Discussions between County and City officials have been ongoing for the past several years about this opportunity. Thanks to the leadership, collaboration and commitment between the County Commissioners, County Councilors and my administration, it now has become a reality. We all believe the move will help solve a host of problems, including bringing the area’s planning teams under one roof, while freeing up needed office space and parking spots at the Courthouse.

“The City has adequate parking and office space at Old Stoney so it makes perfect sense to share both with our counterparts from the County’s team. This joint effort is another cooperative initiative between the two governmental entities and a desired partnership I outlined as part of my economic development cornerstone,” McBarnes said.

McBarnes, County Commissioners President Mike Beard and County Council President Steve Woods emphasized this joint venture is not a merger of the two departments, nor of the Board of Zoning Appeals or Plan Commission.

“This cooperative initiative is an effective way to pool and share resources to provide improved, more convenient service to our citizens – a major goal for any governing entity,” Beard said.

According to Woods, this cooperative project is a natural fit for both departments.

“After productive conversations with the Mayor earlier this year, sharing departmental resources was the next logical step to work on together. This opportunity provides ideal office space at no additional costs while offering significant benefits for our constituents,” Woods said.

The actual timeline for the County Planning Department’s move to Old Stoney still is being established. Once completed, there will be two receptionists at the front of the office, one for each department to assist visitors. The structure of the combined office space allows for a branch for each department, along with use of an existing conference room.

For questions or interview requests, contact Mayor McBarnes at 654-7332, County Commissioners President Mike Beard at 296-2264 or County Council President Steve Woods at 654-3546.