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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

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City Street crews, Snow plows ready for first significant snowfall

Frankfort, IN – With Frankfort forecasted to receive three to six inches of snow beginning around noon tomorrow, the City’s Street Department team and snow plows are ready to keep the community’s roads clear for safe travel.

According to Street Department Superintendent George Belmore, his crew has plenty of salt and well-maintained equipment standing by.

“Our salt trucks are loaded and our snow plows are at the ready. We will be monitoring the weather and road conditions as the day progresses. Major intersections and roads will be plowed first and kept clear,” Belmore said.

According to Mayor Chris McBarnes, the entire City team is prepared for this first weather situation.

“Public safety is our first priority for our residents, our businesses and for our crews out on the road. George and his team will be in regular contact with Assistant Deputy Police Chief Glenn Talbot and his officers throughout the day and evening, communicating back and forth on road conditions.

“Teamwork and proactive communication is key in every situation, particularly when it comes to handling what Mother Nature throws our way,” McBarnes said.

According to Talbot, additional officers will be patrolling the City and evaluating the streets.

“Our officers will be active in notifying the street crews of any hazardous areas needing extra attention. Our focus is on driver and pedestrian safety and we remind everyone to use extra caution as the snow falls,” Talbot said.

The forecast calls for snow to begin tapering off Friday morning.

For questions or interview requests, contact Mayor Chris McBarnes at 765-654-7332 or 765-412-8742.