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Thursday, July 16, 2020

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100 Day Plan January 1, 2012 – April 9, 2012

City of Frankfort is an attractive place to live and work.

Each of these four cornerstone areas will be continuously monitored and evaluated for progress as the first 100 days of the McBarnes’ administration unfold.

Neighborhood Revitalization

Quality of life enhancement program

  • focus on various aspects of city beautification (Keep Frankfort Beautiful initiative)
  • enhance walkability of community (plenty of sidewalks for safety, physical activity of residents)
  • create or enhance bike paths

Educational program to enhance personal property values

  • provide educational resources to increase residents’ knowledge on how to make their homes worth more; make neighborhoods safer
  • include housing component in comprehensive redevelopment plan

Infrastructure improvement program involving sidewalks, curbs, gutters, drainage

Renewed focus on public safety – “service back in protect and serve”

  • foster positive partnership between the FPD and community members – Safer Seniors

Economic Development

Economic development program for existing and new businesses

  • meet with every plant manager in the Industrial Park to assess plans and needs
    • as part of that effort, consultations will occur to find ways that Frankfort’s fiber optic system might benefit those industries, help them reduce operating costs and increase activities like sales and marketing
  • create blue ribbon redevelopment commission to focus on:
    • attracting the next new product line, new businesses and job creation
    • creating economic development or redevelopment areas
    • promoting Frankfort is open for business approach (public/private partnerships, target local incentives that do not raise taxes)
  • leverage state and federal grant dollars
  • develop relationship with Indiana Economic Development Corporation (Frankfort should be on the IEDC’s location possibility list for new businesses looking to relocate)

Planning and zoning

  • create a Comprehensive Economic Development (Redevelopment) Plan (correspond to Clinton County’s Plan) – utility customers inside or outside City limits
  • focus on joint code enforcement efforts between Frankfort City Plan Commission and County, review zoning ordinances

Job shadowing for area youth

  • partner youth with corporate citizens to highlight career opportunities in the community
  • foster relationships between up-and-coming-employees and existing employers


Strategic comprehensive communications plan

  • every activity, communication will evolve from the plan that will involve all cornerstones of administration (neighborhoods, economic development, citizen voice), sampling of tactics follows:

Relationship building activities between City, County, Chamber, Partners in Progress, Main Street, Pride Pushers, Rise & Shine Group

Enhanced transparency and communication via public meetings broadcast on Hot Dog TV and meeting agendas and minutes posted on the City’s Web site

Weekly messages from the Mayor via email and social media outlets on updates, event announcements, new services and volunteer opportunities

Improved interaction between FPD and FFD

Promotion of Frankfort and Clinton County to new college graduates

Citizen Voice

Establish various roundtables and/or advisory boards to encourage input/feedback from various specific sectors of the community:

  • Mayor’s Youth Advisory Board (also a platform for joint events between youth and business community, such as City flag logo, flower plantings, etc.)
  • realtors roundtable
  • neighborhood roundtable

Create quarterly youth leadership lecture series

  • opportunities for area youth to hear from leaders in business, non-profit, etc.

Host monthly Mayor’s Night Out events

  • held at sponsoring area businesses (information sharing, Q&A sessions)

Make mayoral appointments

  • reflect a cross-section of community involvement

Hold weekly meetings with department heads

  • share info, problem-solve, group thinking, cross communication among departments