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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Job | Frankfort Water Works – Plant Operator

Frankfort Water Works – Plant Operator

Reports To: Senior Operator/ Superintendent


The plant operators consist of the 2nd shift operator 4:00 P.M. to 12:00 A.M.; the 3rd shift operator 12:00 A.M. to 8:00 A.M.; and the swing shift operator who covers the days off for the other operators. The plant operator position is responsible for the operation of the wells, high service pumps, and the two treatment plants. During their respective shifts, each operator is responsible for seeing that the wells, pumps, and filtration equipment is operating properly, ensuring an adequate supply of potable water to the City of Frankfort. The plant operators will handle after hours emergency calls for leaks, turn off for repair requests, and requests to have the water turned back on. The only exception to this will be during a period of prolonged cold weather, at which time we will call in the serviceman, or maintenance men to handle frozen meter calls. Any operational problems, questions about day to day activities, or vacation schedules are to be worked out with the senior operator.


1. Operation of wells, high service pumps, and filtration systems.
2. Accurate logging of all operational data.
3. House keeping, painting, and maintenance of pumps, motors, piping, and associated equipment.
4. Making judgement calls on reported leaks, whether to call in the maintenance crew, or let the leak wait till morning.
5. Maintaining levels in the towers and reservoirs as prescribed by the senior operator.
6. Taking after hours telephone calls, and channeling the information or message to the proper person.
7. Daily water samples at each plant, and throughout our distribution system, and the ability to operate chlorination equipment.


1. Must have a working knowledge of pumps, wells, and filtration systems.
2. Must have valid driver’s license.
3. Must be self motivated and be able to work alone.

This person must have graduated from a standard high school, or received a GED. Vocational school training, or courses offered by AWWA in water treatment.


This person should receive a minimum of 10 hours of instruction per year, covering chlorine safety, industrial machinery safety, equipment maintenance procedures, etc.


1. Accuracy of logged information is essential.
2. Prompt reaction to changing system requirements, and proper adjustments to compensate for those changing requirements.
3. Care and condition of company equipment.

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