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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Job | Code Enforcement Officer (Part Time)

Code Enforcement Officer (Part Time)

Position Summary:
This position would be directly responsible to the Building Inspector and when required the Director of Property Maintenance

Essential Job Functions:

Conducts any and all, when requested, pertinent on-site project inspections required by property complaints. Issues any reports, within 72 hours of receipt of complaint.

Ensures all permits, reviews, opinions, issued directions and inspections are completed within the guidelines of the current City Ordinances and property Management Codes.

Coordinates, assists and works with other Departments concerning issues of building, property management and zoning applications.

Assists, when requested, on any Property Maintenance issues, offering assistance and guidance to the Building Inspector or the Director of Property Maintenance.

Assists the Office Administrative Assistant when needed / and available with walk-ins, answering phone, distributing pertinent correspondence, filing and any other required office duties..

Assists Building Inspector when required or necessary on any inspections, distribution of pertinent forms and filing of pertinent forms.

Submits weekly status reports on all current complaints to the City Engineer/Building Inspector. Issues copies to all appropriate offices.

Reports all Property Maintenance Issues to the Director of Property Maintenance.
When requested assist Building Commissioner in establishing an operating budget.

Attends any and all requested applicable training seminars.

This is a part time position for 52 weeks per year at 28 hours per week with a ½ hour non paid lunch.


Position Qualifications:

High School diploma or GED.

Maintain a valid Indiana driver’s license.

3-5 years experience in the construction industry or other related field.

Ability to obtain any required license or certifications that may be appropriate for the position.

Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

Dependability is a must.

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