Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Recycle Man



Letters to Recycle Man

Dear Recycle Man,
What if my regularly scheduled trash day falls on a City holiday? I don’t want to have to wait until the following week for my trash to be collected.

Recycle Man: in most cases, trash will be picked up the very next day or certainly within that same week. The City holidays and corresponding trash collection days are listed on the City’s Web site: Frankfort-in.gov.

Dear Recycle Man,
If my trash is not collected on a City holiday, and we are now once-a-week collection, isn’t it twice the amount of work for the crews on the rescheduled collection day and how will that work to get everyone’s trash collected?

Recycle Man: yes, the crews will handle twice the amount of work on the rescheduled collection day which is no more than they were doing before the City went to once-a-week pick up. When it was twice-a- week collection, crews were picking up half of the community’s trash per day. Once-a-week handles one-fourth of the City’s trash.

Dear Recycle Man,
Since the City has cut the service from twice-a-week to once-a-week, will my trash fee be cut in half?

Recycle Man: with landfill fees and fuel costs rising, trash fees cannot be lowered. Our efforts are aimed at keeping your monthly trash fee (which amounts to $1.75 per week) at the current level for as long as possible.

Dear Recycle Man,
What are the new once-a-week collection days for the City?

Recycle Man: an informational flyer including a map was in everyone’s utility bill recently. The information also was sent to local media and is posted on the City’s Web site, Mayor McBarnes’ Facebook page and has been promoted on local media outlets.

Dear Recycle Man,
There is a new trash bag limit. What is it and what is the weight limit for each bag?

Recycle Man: there is a seven bag limit with a weight limit of 40 pounds per bag.

Dear Recycle Man,
With only one collection day per week, what do I do if I forget to put out my trash on that day?

Recycle Man: if you forget to put your trash out on your scheduled day, you may bring that trash directly to the Street Department dumpster at 905 Burlington Avenue.

Dear Recycle Man,
What can be recycled?

Recycle Man: cardboard, paper, glass, metal, plastics and aluminum. The great news is that it all can go in one bag; no sorting necessary. How-to-recycle flyers were included in recent utility bills and also are available at the utility office as well as posted on the City’s Web site.

Dear Recycle Man,
I put out my recycling before 7:00 a.m. on Wednesdays, but it sits out there all day and is left behind. Why?

Recycle Man: there are a few reasons why this might be happening, including the bag may weigh more than 40 pounds or contain trash that cannot be recycled. The bag may have been hidden from view or the bag may have been missed because our guys are not always perfect.

Dear Recycle Man,
What will Street Department employees be doing on days they are not collecting trash?

Recycle Man: Street Department employees who are not collecting trash are performing other duties based on the time of the year.


Lucy S.


Alonso G.




Jacob C.