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Monday, March 19, 2018

Parks Department

Responsible for the management of Frankfort’s six City parks, the Parks Department team handles the day-to-day operations at each park, maintenance issues, along with handling all improvements made in any one of the parks. The TPA Pool also is under the jurisdiction of the Parks Department.

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Parks Department – (765) 659-3422

Our team is committed to keeping Frankfort’s six parks clean and safe for all to enjoy. Whether it’s basketball, fireworks, weddings, winter lights, tennis, petting zoo, swimming pool, playgrounds, horseshoes or baseball, we have it all.

A choice of six shelter houses is available to choose from at TPA Park as well as at Green Street Park and Circle Park. Shelter houses and picnic tables may be rented for a small fee to ensure you have everything you need in place and ready to go for that special occasion.

Effective June 1, 2015 shelter rental fees are as follows:

Shelters #1 and #2 (each holds 48 people): $30 each

Shelters #3, #4, #5 (each holds 88 people): $55 each

Large shelter (holds 144 people): $90

Table area (four tables for a total of 32 people): $20

We offer private pool parties seven evenings a week for a flat fee of $275. Our pool is the perfect place for church groups, businesses, birthday parties and reunions, so take advantage of the varied recreational opportunities Frankfort’s City parks offer! For more information and prices, call us at 659-3422.

Additional information regarding Frankfort Parks and Recreation.

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Parks Department Contacts


Travis Sheets

Parks Superintendent

(765) 659-3422

Parks Department Location

Parks Department Office

1 Adrian Marks Drive
Frankfort, IN 46041