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Sunday, April 21, 2019

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Request For Proposals For Operation Of City Food Concessions

The City of Frankfort is requesting proposals for operation of its concession stand at TPA Park for the Holiday Season of 2018 and for the summer of 2019. The Festival of Lights dates of operation are November 23, 2018 – December 23, 2018. The summer of 2019 dates of operation are May 1, 2019 – September 8, 2019. The successful concessionaire for each season will provide its own inventory and staff and will lease the concession stand under terms suggested in proposed contracts that are available for inspection through the Clerk-Treasurer of the City of Frankfort.

Prospective concessionaires should describe their previous concession history, if any, and should provide a written description of their proposed operation including staffing and a description of products to be sold. Questions may be directed to the City Parks Department at (765) 659-3422. Applications and sample contract forms may be obtained from the Clerk-Treasurer’s office at 301 E. Clinton Street, Frankfort, Indiana, during normal working hours.

Proposals, together with completed applications must be submitted to the Clerk-Treasurer’s office in sealed envelopes marked “City Concession Proposals” no later than 2:00 P.M. October 24, 2018. A proposal must clearly state whether it is for either or both of the concession operations. Proposals will be opened by the Board of Public Works and Safety at its meeting that day at 2:00 P.M. at 301 E. Clinton Street, Frankfort, Indiana.

The City reserves the right to follow-up any proposal with additional questions to vary the terms of the suggested contracts depending on the proposal received and to reject all proposals.