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Sunday, March 24, 2019

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Every 15 Minutes drill, mock car crash highlight drunk driving dangers

Teens warned of risk prior to May 5 prom

Frankfort, Ind. – Designed to remind Frankfort high school students of the dangers of drunk driving as the May 5 prom approaches, Frankfort firefighters will lead an Every 15 Minutes drill and Mock 10-50 (car crash) May 3-4 at Frankfort High School.

On Thursday, May 3 beginning at 7:30 a.m., an Every 15 Minutes drill will be conducted in Frankfort High School when the Grim Reaper (portrayed by various school and City leaders) will enter a classroom every 15 minutes and remove a previously selected student who volunteered to be chosen.

Those students will be taken to a room where they will have ash gray makeup applied and wear t-shirts the rest of the day communicating a drunk driver kills someone every 15 minutes in the U.S. The student volunteers will return to class but will have to remain silent the rest of the day.

According to Fire Chief John Kirby who pioneered both the drill and mock car crash in Frankfort, the goal is to make an impact on students that drunk driving can – and does – kill.

“By “losing” several of their friends, we plan to show our young drivers the impact one bad decision can cause. With the prom May 5, it’s a perfect time to “drive” home to our children the importance of being responsible the night of the prom and every time they get behind the wheel,” Kirby said.

On Friday, May 4, at 1:45 p.m., a mock car crash (10-50 in first responder code) will be conducted for freshmen – seniors in the back parking lot of Frankfort High School. The scene will play out as the crash has happened and a 911 call is placed to Clinton County Central Dispatch. Frankfort Fire, Police and Clinton County EMS will respond and an IU Health Frankfort LifeLine Critical Care Transport helicopter will do a touchdown.

With two cars donated by Jerry’s Body Shop, the crash will include a student resisting arrest, a student representing a fatality who will be pronounced dead at the scene by Clinton County Coroner Amanda Abbott and removed in a Goodwin Funeral Home hearse and a third “seriously injured” student transported from the scene by helicopter. Clinton County EMA is loaning a Moulage Wound Simulation Kit to be used to make injuries appear very realistic.

“Although some of our on-duty firefighters will be involved in the mock car crash, those of us at the high school will remain in service, meaning that if necessary, we will leave the scene and respond to a call. Engine 2 and Engine 3 also will be available to respond to calls in the City. Frankfort residents and business owners will remain as protected as they are at all other times,” the Chief said.

Because the mock crash needs to be done prior to the May 5 prom, if there is bad weather the afternoon of May 4, the event will be cancelled. Jacoby’s Silk Screening are donating t-shirts for the Every 15 Minutes drill.

Kirby expressed his appreciation and thanks to FHS Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD) Chapter Director Catherine Summers, Michael Taylor who heads up the drama department, Frankfort Police, Clinton County EMS, Clinton County Coroner Amanda Abbott, Clinton County Central Dispatch, Goodwin Funeral Home and Frankfort firefighters for their invaluable assistance with the Every 15 Minutes drill and Mock 10-50 event.