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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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Center Township, City enter agreement to inspect rental properties receiving tax dollars

Joint Statement from Mayor Chris McBarnes and Center Township Trustee Kevin Evans:

Center Township of Clinton County and City of Frankfort Enter Agreement to Inspect Rental Properties Receiving Tax Dollars

In an ongoing effort to continue improving our community’s housing standard, we entered into an interlocal agreement March 28 to begin inspecting rental properties that receive tax dollars from Township assistance. We believe this agreement will keep housing habitable for low-income individuals receiving Township assistance while improving their standard of living. In turn, through an existing resource, Frankfort’s Building Inspector Sam Payne, we are ensuring tax dollars are being used for those who provide housing that meets property maintenance codes and safety maintenance requirements.

Two specific areas of importance within the agreement:

1) The inspections of housing units inhabited by Township assistance recipients apply to individuals applying or recertifying for Township assistance.

2) The City’s Building Inspector will inspect dwelling units as requested by the Township Trustee to ensure those units inhabited by Township assistance recipients comply with the standards provided by Housing and Urban Development standards and the City of Frankfort ordinances.

Mayor Chris McBarnes and Township Trustee Kevin Evans