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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

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Board of Public Works Meeting Minutes – February 28, 2018

The Board of Public Works and Safety met in a regular meeting on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 2:00 PM in the Council Chamber, 301 East Clinton Street, Frankfort, Indiana. The following action was taken:

Mayor McBarnes called the meeting to order and led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance. Judy Sheets then prayed. Mayor McBarnes, Ken Estes, Jason Forsythe, John Kirby, Sam Payne, Joe Ruch, Les Bergum, Jack Dodd, Judy Sheets and Barb Conner were present. Absent were Jim Siegfried, Troy Bacon and Travis Sheets.

MINUTES: The minutes of the February 14, 2018 regular meeting were presented. Ken Estes made the motion to accept the minutes as presented. Mayor McBarnes seconded the motion. Motion passed.


FIRE DEPARTMENT: Fire Chief, John Kirby said this year for Prom time, they will be doing a mock car crash and a drill. He said they didn’t do it last year, they try to do it every other year. Chief Kirby said at 1:45 on May 4th they will have a mock car crash. He said on May 3rd from 7:45 until 1:45, every 15 minutes, they will have a drill. This drill involves Central Dispatch, Fire, Coroner, Lifeline, Goodwin’s and EMA. Every 15 minutes we paint a kid all white, they are not allowed to talk to anyone. They are to be portraying being dead. Chief Kirby thanked the Board of Works for allowing the department to donate the Air Masks. Mayor McBarnes signed the 3 Certificate of Transfers for the Air Masks. They went to Kempton Volunteer Fire Dept., Michigantown Volunteer Fire Dept., and Burlington Volunteer Fire Dept. He also said that he is taking these off of our Assets, which has already been approved.

STREET DEPARTMENT: Jason Forsythe, Street Superintendent, gave an update on Recycling. He said this year they have recycled 1,306,346 pounds. We are up $5,046.80 from last year. Jason said he has compiled a list of streets that he is wanting to include in the Street paving for this year. He also said he will be going to the park next Wednesday to look at the streets there with Joe Ruch. Jason said he wants to be prepared when the Community Crossing Grant becomes available.

HUMAN RESOURCES: Jack Dodd said that they had sent out some new Employee Forms. He said that he is working on an Internal Controls refresher training. He is doing a power point presentation. Mayor McBarnes asked Jack how the web portal was. Jack said that it is going very well.

BUILDING INSPECTOR, Sam Payne, Building Inspector, said that the mowing and sidewalks need to be bid. He also said that Ellis Jewelry will be doing some repairs. There will be 3 parking spots in front of their store that will be closed off due to a dumpster being there. They also want the alley closed off between Arni’s and Ellis. Sam said he had talked to the other store owners along there and they were good with it.   Sam said that 2020 W. Green St. is needing a 90 day extension on his permit. Ken Estes made the motion to give Roger Brown at 2020 W. Green St. a 90 day extension. Mayor McBarnes seconded the motion. Motion carried 2-0. 552 Hawthorne Ave. is needing a 90 day extension. Mayor McBarnes made the motion to give Melissa Ford at 552 Hawthorne Ave. a 90 day extension. Ken Estes seconded the motion. Motion carries 2-0.

PARKS DEPARTMENT: Joe Ruch, Park Working Supervisor, said they finished Tuesday taking the Christmas banners down. He said that the Restrooms by the band stand are going to be torn down to the studs. Those set of restrooms will be open year round. The Island across from the concession stand, they are taking the blocks down to make more parking. Joe also said that they have 13 picnic tables done, they are working on those on the rainy days. The Large animal enclosure they are installing lights. Joe also said they are cleaning up the flower beds and sticks. Ken Estes asked about the baby pool repair. Joe said it hasn’t been fixed yet.

ATTORNEY: Les Bergum, Attorney, said that he sent a letter to INDOT concerning Parcel 24. The City will still take Title to Parcel 24 of the Washington Avenue project, even with the Sewage lien on the property.

RESOLUTION 18-04: A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE SPECIAL PURCHASE OF CITY GATEWAY SIGNS. This would include 4 historic signs and posts for the total amount of $26,800.00 from Creative, Inc. Mayor McBarnes proposed to pay for this out of 101005432.000. Mayor McBarnes made the motion to accept Resolution 18-04. Ken Estes seconded the motion. Motion carried 2-0. Mayor McBarnes said that he would like to put directional signs in the parks to be like the historical signs.


NEW BUSINESS:  Conflict of Interest from Sarah King. Mayor McBarnes made the motion to accept the conflict of interest from Sarah King. Ken Estes seconded the motion. Motion carries 2-0.

CLAIMS: Claims were presented. Ken Estes made a motion to approve the claims as presented. Mayor McBarnes seconded the motion. Motion passed 2-0. The claim docket was signed.

ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business to come before the board Mayor McBarnes adjourned the meeting.