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Saturday, February 16, 2019

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Mayoral statement on Frankfort advancing to 23rd Safest City in Indiana

Great news! Thanks to our dedicated police officers and the collaboration and communication by our caring, watchful residents who look out for each other and partner with our police force, Frankfort is ranked as the 23rd Safest City in Indiana this year.

This year marks only the second year Frankfort has been included in the ranking done by the National Council for Home Safety and Security. We were 50th last year, so advancing to 23rd this year is a huge achievement and one we all should be very proud of!

As you know, a community’s safety is a huge quality of life issue. Certainly, everyone wants to live and work in as safe an environment as possible. We know that potential businesses and homeowners interested in locating to a new city look at how safe it is in making their decision whether to move there or not. Frankfort is no exception in these considerations. A community’s safety is a critically important part of our economic development efforts, along with playing a vital role in our quality of place and quality of life initiatives.

As I say so often, public safety is job #1 and it takes all of us working together to achieve great results. I’m so pleased to share our high safety ranking as the most recent example of your hard work and teamwork!

Mayor Chris McBarnes