Monday, December 10, 2018

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Mayoral statement – Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Today, January 9, we celebrate Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (LEAD), a nationwide recognition of the difficult and dangerous jobs our law enforcement officials face as they work diligently to help keep all of us safe.

As I’ve said so often, we are fortunate to have outstanding, dedicated public safety servants here in our city and our county who put their lives on the line every shift they work. Unfortunately, there has been an upswing nationwide in negativity towards law enforcement. As a community, I encourage everyone to continue showing your support for our local officers and Clinton County law enforcement officials. They are highly trained, skillful professionals with servants’ hearts for helping others.

For their unflinching courage, strength, skill and commitment to serve, they deserve our gratitude. So today on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (and every day for that matter), I encourage you to stop officers you see and say thank you.  It’s the least we can do and will surely put a smile on their faces – and yours.

On behalf of the City of Frankfort, I extend a heartfelt thank you to our Frankfort police officers for the outstanding job they do for our entire community. We are grateful for your dedicated service on our behalf.

Mayor Chris McBarnes